Rogers Canada to Launch Next Gen iPhone July/August - Price TBA

Boy Genius and their stealthy squad of tele-shinobi have emerged with juicy details on the Canadian carrier Rogers and their next gen iPhone plans:

iPhone — ETA: unknown (July/August), outright: not allowed, 3-year: TBD. Of note, Rogers will launch the new iPhone on the same day that it lifts off here in the US. Purchases will be limited to one iPhone per customer on opening day and there will be active demos on display in stores. Also of note, Rogers expects to have substantially more iPhones on hand this time around so as not to run into the same stock issues as with the iPhone 3G launch.

Last year's launch raised cross-country protests over the then-exorbitantly high data rates in Canada, which caused Rogers to temporarily offer a $30/6GB plan which has since disappeared. With AT&T considering lower rates for the iPhone, is there a chance in Hull Rogers would do likewise?

Rene Ritchie

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