Rogers iPhone Reception Problems Due to "Dummy" Bell and Telus HSPA Towers?

Are recent iPhone reception problems on Rogers Canada the result of Bell and Telus putting up "dummy" HSPA towers? That's what a Rogers rep told one customer who complained about calls cutting in and out for the last couple of weeks.

I apologize for the inconvenience that is happening with you're iphone. It is probable due to the new hspa dummy towers being put up by other carriers that it is interfering with you're signal. So I would advise to manually select the rogers network instead of the phone doing an automatic selection which it does by default. To manually connect on an iphone do the following. On the phone go to 'settings' then go to 'carriers' uncheck automatic and only select rogers from that list.

I've been having similar problems, only while in the western part of downtown Montreal, and also only for the last two weeks, and I know of almost a half-dozen others with the same problem in the same area.

Are dummy HSPA towers a likely explanation? We'll give Rogers' proposed solution a try and get back to you. If you've been having the same problem, let us know if it works, or if you have other ideas.

Rene Ritchie

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