Rumor: AT&T to Announce Support for Skype, Google Voice... on the iPhone?

The Washington Post is rumormongering that AT&T might just officially announce support for Skype and Google Voice on their 3G network at this week's CTIA show, and that they will run on Apple's iPhone.

Normally Apple and Apple alone tends to speak about what's coming to the iPhone, so we'd dismiss this outright except for the fact that Google Voice has been an increasing thorn in Apple's otherwise incredibly successful iPhone side as of late, especially among industry watchers, tech pundits, and... the FCC. So, getting AT&T to slide it into a CTIA announcement might just let Apple get everyone off their lawn, without having to publicly eat any crow.

AT&T has declined comment, but Smartphone Experts has editor-in-chief Dieter Bohn and fearless leader Kevin Michaluk live at CTIA this week, and TiPb has asked them to keep their ears peeled, and fingers at the ready, should anything come of this.

Rene Ritchie

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