We've reported on the iPhone tethering situation, both unofficial and official, before, and last we heard AT&T was considering it as a $30 addition service charge. Now comes a rumor via MacBlogz that the price point is being reconsidered -- down to $10:

The biggest piece of information we learned was that AT&T is playing around with a $10 price-point. This made my eyes light up and I asked them how they could get away with charging a third of what was initially reported, here’s the response I got. “iPhone tethering is primarily an AT&T offering, but it involves Apple at least wanting or allowing the service, which they do. If it doesn’t function as expected, I know of a few people who may lose their jobs,” my colleague explained. “While you may think it’s as easy as streamlining our Blackberry tethering service over to the iPhone, it’s not. Connection may be tied into iTunes, and Apple is incredibly controlling when it comes to this space.”

So, would a $10 price tag make anyone here jump on the tether plans?