Rumored Verizon iPhone to Contain Qualcomm EV-DO Chip

According to, Apple has struck a deal with San Diego based chip maker, Qualcomm, to supply the EV-DO chip for the rumored Verizon CDMA iPhone. Apple originally showed interest in a chip that would combine both wireless technologies, GSM and CDMA, to make it a world phone but then settled for CDMA when Qualcomm and other chip manufactures could not pull it off.


blockquote>"Apple has chosen Qualcomm as its chip supplier [3G wireless technology chip for EV-DO] for the new version of the iPhone headed to Verizon this summer, according to Northeast Securities analyst Ashok Kumar," Moritz reports. "Kumar confirmed the decision with the manufacturers and suppliers involved with the phone."

Of course at this particular moment in time Apple has no comment but it just adds more fuel to the fire for the long awaited Verizon iPhone. This is Qualcomm's second big win this week as they are supplying the Snapdragon chip for the much hyped Google Nexus One.

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