Samsung will reportedly supply most of the processors for Apple's next iPhone

It has been reported that Samsung will be behind the next-generation iPhone. Samsung is said to provide up to 75 percent of processors used by Apple in the production of the company's next smartphone. According to the Korean Maeil Business Newspaper:

"According to sources in the semiconductor industry on Sunday, Samsung Electronics will supply A9 for Apple's next handset model iPhone 7. The A8, IPhone 6 AP, has been solely supplied by Taiwan's TSMC, leaving no room for Samsung Electronics to be the AP supplier. However, this time, 75 percent of A9 will likely come from Samsung Electronics, market watchers expect."

It has been previously covered that Samsung has already commenced production of the A9 chip for Apple. It's not currently known what other parties are involved in the chip production. While everything may appear to be slotting in place, we must remind you all that these A9 reports are yet to be confirmed by Samsung or Apple.

Source: Maeil Business Newspaper, via: Reuters

Rich Edmonds