Samsung spending ludicrously amounts of money to advertise Galaxy phones against Apple and the iPhone

What does it take to try and push more Samsung Galaxy devices than Apple iPhones and iPads? An incredible amount of advertising and marketing money, apparently. When compared not only to Apple and Microsoft, but even ad-heavy companies like Coca Cola, Samsung's run rate looks even more ludicrously large. Horace Dediu of Asymco put together the following chart:

While Apple isn't spending anything close to what Samsung is in advertising, Apple has an iconic brand and enormous mind-share. What's more interesting is wondering how other Android manufacturers, ones that don't have the ancillary businesses Samsung has, and can't spend as much on advertising as Samsung can, will keep up?

What happens when Samsung becomes synonymous with Android? Is that better or worse, competitively, for Apple?

Check out the rest of Dediu's article for more charts and analysis.

Source: Asymco