Send in the iClones: HTC TouchFLO on iPhone Edition

This one is for our very own Dieter Bohn... For those of you who do not know, and it pains me to say this, Dieter loves his Windows Mobile.

It seems like the tables have turned here for this edition of "Send in the iClones". I suppose it is only fair that we as iPhone owners have the tables turned on us sometimes. What we have here is called iPhoneFLO. It is a simple theme you can use if you have Summerboard on your Jailbroken iPhone. To find it go into the and search for iPhoneFLO. Be sure to have Summerboard installed as well, which can also be installed via the

For more information please visit our section of the forums devoted to Jailbreaking. Anyone going to give this a shot and Jailbrake simply for this theme?

IM Staff

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