No specks, no blur-cam shots, not even a Kevin Rose post yet, just a few more tiny little details on Pinch Media's timeline via MacRumors:

  • 1st spotting of the "iPhone 2,1" device occured in early October 2008
  • Usage picked up in mid-December 2008
  • A few dozen distinct "iPhone 2,1" devices have been detected
  • Almost exclusively located in south San Francisco Bay Area
  • Both AT&T and Wi-Fi connections

Dear Apple, CrackBerry Kevin got that wonderful pre-release BlackBerry Bold last year, and he will never let the rest of us live it down, so for the sake of all things righteous, just, and uber-cool, howsabout slapping an iPhone Mark 3 (iPhone HD?) in some bubblewrap and fedexing it our way? We don't even care if cut/copy and paste is working yet, b'okay?