Sprint announces Q2 2012 financial results, 1.5 million iPhones

Sprint has announced their second quarter, 2012 earnings and they include 1.5 million iPhones sold, 40% of which went to new customers. They reported a net loss of $1.4 billion, compared to a net loss of $847 million for the same quarter a year ago. Sprint CEO Dan Hesse said:

The Sprint platform achieved best ever postpaid ARPU and customer churn that, combined with disciplined customer acquisition and cost management, contributed to our Adjusted OIBDA* of $1.45 billion. Based on this performance, we are raising the 2012 Adjusted OIBDA* forecast to between $4.5 billion and $4.6 billion.

This line is also interesting:

Operating loss of $629 million; Adjusted OIBDA* of $1.45 billion increases 10 percent year-over-year and includes Network Vision and iPhone dilution

AT&T, Verizon, and Apple have all previously announced earnings for the quarter.

Source: Sprint

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