Sprint CEOh-Snap: Comparing Palm Pre to iPhone is "like comparing someone to Michael Jordan"

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse was put on Charlie Rose's hot seat and asked the pointed question: "Is the Palm Pre making a dent into the iPhone market?"

Hesse's response?

Aaah... It's-it's doing well, but you can almost put the iPhone, to be fair, in a separate category. The Apple brand and that device have done so well, it's almost not... it's like comparing someone to Michael Jordan.

Gizmodo figured they'd remind Hesse that it was, in fact, the same category and that Apple needs competition (the consumer needs competition). Engadget thinks it was a duly respectful and tactful acknowledgement of the iPhone's success.

We think it's nice to hear a wireless CEO who's not so bombastic and, frankly, disconnected as most of them seem to be, as evident by Hesse's answers on Android, Nextel, the price of touchscreen handsets, and battery life as an impediment to smartphone growth.

Rene Ritchie

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