Sprint reports Q3 2013 earnings, 1.4 million iPhones sold

Quarterly earnings season continues, and this time it's the turn of Sprint with their Q3 2013 results. All-in-all it isn't a great quarter for the carrier, though operating losses may have shrunk, it's the declining subscriber numbers that will potentially sound the most alarm bells. On a positive note for Sprint, and for Apple, it seems iPhone sales are doing OK.

Sprint sold nearly 1.4 million iPhones® during the quarter of which 40 percent were to new customers.

Perhaps the full effect of the iPhone 5s launch is yet to be felt, but the iPhone does at least continue to attract a healthy number of new customers to Sprint. And for Apple, that's 1.4 million units to throw into their own figures.

Did you pick up a new iPhone on Sprint this quarter? How's your experience been with both phone and carrier?

Source: Sprint

Richard Devine

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