Sprint Palm Pre Leak Shows why iPhone Users May Not Want Multitasking?!

Our sibling site PreCentral.net has gotten their mobile accomplishers on yet another (rumored to be) leaked internal document. This one supposedly comes from Sprint and details what, to PreCentral.net, are some interesting factoids. To us, however, they represent some far more interesting questions:

  • The picture above shows what looks to be fairly user-toxic troubleshooting steps for Pre and memory management. While the iPhone has memory issues as well, you either reboot or restore. Here, steps are approaching the level of finicky task management and triage Apple has made fun of in previous iPhone keynotes.
  • Tethering looks to be gone, which may be a bad sign for iPhone users hoping AT&T would throw it in when OS 3.0 -- which enables it -- rolls around this summer.
  • Also, no cut and paste from web pages, which is interesting given that webOS is based on web 2.0 style pages. Shouldn't that one be a gimme?

For much, much more, check out the source blog and let us know how the Palm Pre is developing, competitively to the iPhone, from your point of view. (Of course, we won't know any final feature set or functionality levels until it actually ships... sometime before June 30).

Rene Ritchie

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