Sprint Palm Pre Leak Shows why iPhone Users May Not Want Multitasking?!

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Our sibling site PreCentral.net has gotten their mobile accomplishers on yet another (rumored to be) leaked internal document. This one supposedly comes from Sprint and details what, to PreCentral.net, are some interesting factoids. To us, however, they represent some far more interesting questions:

  • The picture above shows what looks to be fairly user-toxic troubleshooting steps for Pre and memory management. While the iPhone has memory issues as well, you either reboot or restore. Here, steps are approaching the level of finicky task management and triage Apple has made fun of in previous iPhone keynotes.
  • Tethering looks to be gone, which may be a bad sign for iPhone users hoping AT&T would throw it in when OS 3.0 -- which enables it -- rolls around this summer.
  • Also, no cut and paste from web pages, which is interesting given that webOS is based on web 2.0 style pages. Shouldn't that one be a gimme?

For much, much more, check out the source blog and let us know how the Palm Pre is developing, competitively to the iPhone, from your point of view. (Of course, we won't know any final feature set or functionality levels until it actually ships... sometime before June 30).

Rene Ritchie

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  • well well well, surprise of the century
  • Oh snap! Take that!
  • WOW! You really now how to spin something and pass misinformation. It is talking about troubleshooting in general, not specific to multitasking. It does not say tethering will not be available, Sprint has always made tethering available on their devices. Whether it's a Phone-As-Modem (PAM) plan or the customer figures out a free work around, tethering is there. The copy/paste info is most likely incorrect. IT makes no since to not be able to copy/paste from a web page.
  • @oneAwake, memory management would pretty much go hand in hand with multitasking. And applications running slower than normal would more than likely indicate a memory issue no? Where is the misinformation? And if you read the link from PreCentral it clearly states "The Pre phone will not have a Phone as Modem plan option."
  • @oneAwake- I wouldn't call having to install PDANet on my Treo as Sprint making tethering available. More like a hacked work around that technically wasn't sanctioned by the service provider.
    I remember because I recall having to buy a new version for three of my different Treos (600, 650, 700p)...
    Also, I'd like to paste form information into a web page quite often. Acct#s from my notes, etc. Granted, I can't do it on my current iPhone and IE on my Sprint Touch sucked so bad that I never surfed web pages, but let's hope somebody makes copy/paste pervasive among all apps at some point!
  • I couldn't keep up with the number of ways to reset a treo... lets see
    warm reset
    battery reset
    hot reset?
    and wasn't their a cold, etc....
    At least with an iphone, you can just turn it off and on!
  • I'm not really all that interested in Pre's features, myself. It's simply a fat, two-piece, non-sleek device with a training keyboard. It could have all of iPhone's features, as well as built-in Star Trek phasers and transporters, and I still wouldn't choose it over an iPhone.
  • @Jeremy Sikora
    Have you not seen the latest videos which demoed multitasking?... Your making assumptions which do not echo what the alleged leak is saying. The Samsung Instinct (which I had) and the Diamond which I currently have, do not have “The Phone as Modem PLAN OPTION.” However, I found a way to tether for free. How do we know if this is an official document?
    @Jason D
    The fact that you're able to tether shows that it is available, granted not advertised or promoted by Sprint. As I mentioned I was able to tether with my Instinct via USB, Bluetooth, and now my Diamond, USB, Bluetooth and WiFi (via WiFi router software on the device). No PDANet needed, I spoke with Sprint Executive Services a while back, Sprint is very aware some customers found a work around through DUN or reg Edits. IF someone is on one of the unlimited Everything Data plans Sprint will turn a blind eye.
  • I agree with Steve. 3.0 will have everything I need and more. I've had the original iPhone (the same one) for almost two years an the device just works. It's simple interface is incredible. Other phones may have a few more features but nothing that I care about. Of course that's just my opinion and others may think differently, but if you're looking for something that just works, every time, choose an iPhone.
  • @oneAwake: You continue to miss the point. PDANet and other work around programs or hacking is NOT carrier sanctioned tethering. Jailbroken iPhones can be tethered as well, but that did mean that Apple made it available.
    Of course the device demoed multitasking. WM and Blackberry devices do this to. What is suggested is that the multitasking, LIKE ON WM AND BB, can cause severe memory problems and OS lag. Even full blown PC's have this issue so why would you think the Pre is somehow exempt.
    Why not wait until the device is released until you start playing the defender of every bit of bad news. Historically, none of overly hyped devices, especially the iPhone killers, have lived up to the pre-launch hype.
  • I would take this with a grain of salt.
  • I was just pointing out how easy it is to 'spin' things with my comments. I think we're all decent people with good intentions on this site. But from my past work in the media, I see how easy it is to be perceived as biased.
    You expect a little bias at a place called The iPhone Blog. But sometimes those that post back are equally so. It's human nature I guess.
  • That's too much work... just like my old BlackJack II
    I'm not surprised none the less because aren't palm devices based on WM ? I could be wrong.
  • @Omari - Really? No, you are 100% dead wrong.
    @Blake 2 - The phone portion of the iphone and iphone 3g isn't that great, volume is horrible...speakerphone is almost worthless unless you are using it in a absolutely quiet environment....I can tell you the iphone 3g has plenty of propblems, I have one (well, I've had a few, lol)
  • I'd like multi-tasking still. My needs are an IM program about 90mins a day. I'm not convinced having push notification 24/7 is going to save any battery life - it'll be worse.
  • You want multitasking.
    You don't want to have to manage it.
    You want what Windows Mobile always promised, that apps ran in the background and were intelligently closed down as needed.
    You don't want to run Opera and have it tell you that it cannot load Opera.dll because you ran out of DLL memory (which does not trigger the 'omfg we need to close down apps!' system).
  • This just demonstrates why Apple's approach to push notifications (via the Apple server) is so innovative, but also necessary. Multitasking simply cannot be executed properly (or rather in a conventional way) on hand-held devices.
  • thekevinmonster: Then make it only one 3rd party app at a time. Sorry, but I don't think push notifications is the aviour of all our problems. Remember when there was NO third party apps, for similar reasons? Was only 9 months / one-billion downloads ago!
  • With my iPhone currently unavailable I have been stuck with my HTC TyTN Windows Mobile Phone for 12 days.
    On WinMo multitasking is an absolute must as the OS as delivered by Microsoft has a user interface that is at best on par with Windows 3.11. You can hardly use the thing unless you add software like PocketPlus and MobileShell from Spb Software. And those would not be possible without multi tasking.
    But even with all that multi tasking going on it doesn't come anywhere near my precious iPhone. The iPhone is a drug. It should come with a sticker warning you for the contents.
    I beg to any deity that may be listening to make sure the replacement iPhone is waiting at the shop when I return home on Wednesday! Two weeks without my precious is almost unbearable!
  • @Tim - I agree that there needs to be improvements in the speaker's volume and clarity. No argument there. But is that going to make me switch from the best "phone/Internet/iPod" experience I've ever had? No. I try to look at the whole picture and in my eyes, there's nothing better.
  • Muahahahahahaaaa! The iPhone 3G rules all phones!!! There won't be a phone to overtake it for 4 more years!!!
  • No wonder we are the most obese nation on the planet. Can't even push home a few times to go from app to app, really need multitasking. what is this world coming to?
    When i email a few people and a few seconds later send SMS, call someone and look up something on internet, look up my destination on the map, drive 1700 miles and not make a single mistake just using the google maps(without voice navi), look up weather channel app, explore storm system on the weather map in that app, it is multi tasking, sure i pushed home a few times, but really is there another phone that would even come close to this?
    soon we'll all be 800lbs because its too hard to push home and open another app
  • I'm not sure why you guys act like a phone multi-tasking is something that won't ever happen. Have you read the specs on the processor the Pre is using? It's unreal. Almost laptop like performance. Why do you think Adobe is going to get flash support on the Pre before any other smart phone? Because it can handle it.
    The people who say they don't need to use more than one app/program at a time reminds me of people two years ago saying they didn't need a touchscreen smart phone with apps. Now look how many people can't live without their iphones.
    Times are changing and the Pre is going to change the game and expectations for phones. Why the heck do you think iphones are getting 3.0? Duh.. the Pre's features and impact it's having in the blogosphere.
  • No, 3.0 is coming because it's time for an upgrade and this will be the third major upgrade. Is Apple aware of the Pre? Sure but are they afraid of losing their new found market share, doubt it. If the iPhone goes on the VZW network then watch out, the iPhone might end up the device of the decade (if it's not already). But there are many hurdles before that happens so let's not discuss that.
    Look for new hardware this June; I doubt the Pre will be able to compete. So I assume the Pre is waiting on word of what that new hardware might include before they release? It's been almost three years and nothing seems to come close. I thought the Pre would when I first heard about it, but by the time they release, it will be outdated by the new iPhone. Have fun with that Pre-sters
  • I really think I'd like my iPhone better if the only thing it did wAs have some multitasking and notificatio a with things like twitter fb myspace and aim. It is really annoying that it logs you out and disconnects you from your session if you go quickly reply to a text or check an email while wAiting for a reply. My sidekick and blackberry all did this and I really miss those features. The palm pre I am sure has had many issues in preproduction but every palm I have ever had had it's glitches along with
    My iPhone and any device you buy.
  • How are the instructions "user toxic"? They sound pretty easy. Flick off the apps you don't like. Restart. Reset. Run a test.
    Now compare that to the similar Apple debug instructions found at http://www.apple.com/support/iphone/troubleshooting/phone/ , which consist of the same plus more steps, including the final iPhone-unique "solution" of having to reload the entire operating system.
  • I was just on the source page and I am severely unimpressed with the Palm Pre. This being especially because of all the hype and supposed "iPhone-killer" nonsense. Don't get me wrong. The Pre does look like a decent phone but, it's just not cutting it for me and apparently many other Pre fans that commented on the site. I said it while the Pre was being hyped and I'll say it now, Im sticking with my iPhone. Besides, what with all the new amazing features such as from 3.0, how could I not. Without my iPhone, I wouldn't have typed this comment. ; )
  • @ Alotta Wtf are you talking about? The iPhone changed the phone market forever. The Palm Pre has copied them so much a baby with down syndrome could point out all the copyright issues between Apple and Palm. And besides, the iPhone's processor is more powerful then a freaking laptop. The iPhone experience is the way to go and the Pre is trying to take some of the credit.