To see the above image in all immenseness and glory, head on over to our sister site PreCentral.net. And yeah, AT&T did draw first blood a while back with their own internal comparison document, so we're really more amused than amazed by this one, even if the categories chosen for the above comparison are a little on the weighted side. (If they'd chosen desktop syncing, massive integrated media service, 35,000+ current-gen apps, etc. things might have ended up a little differently...). Beyond the talking points, more details have also emerged:

We can also confirm that until you set up your Palm Profile, the Pre won't work at all. You'll also need to accept Google Mobile's terms of service in order to get GPS services working properly. Multiple Exchange accounts are a go with full push support and the ability to search through Global Addresses on the server - but inviting attendees isn't up yet.

Also, DocsToGo will be built in but read-only. Full version, with editing will be available to those on the "Now Network" at some time that is "later"...