Over the last week we've seen a couple of amusing new commercials from Virgin Mobile (above) and Sprint (below) touting their unlimited, un-shared data plans. Virgin goes so far as to suggest you arrange a "happy accident" for your old, non-iPhone.

Accidents happen. But when they lead to you getting a new Virgin Mobile phone, we call them "Happy Accidents". Get the best phones on awesome plans only with Virgin Mobile. A Higher Calling.

Sprint just wants you to "say no to sharing".

Don't let shared data divide your family. Say no to sharing and yes to Sprint with Truly Unlimited(sm) data, text and calling to any mobile. No throttling, no metering, no overages. All while on the Sprint network.

Both are in response to tiered data plans, and new sharing plans, on America's biggest networks, AT&T and Verizon. Of course, Verizon, and to some extent AT&T, both have LTE data speeds, which might be useful come September 12.

So what do you think of these two spots? Do they make you want to defenestrate your BlackBerry, Android, or feature phone and grab an un-shared, unlimited data plan, on America's smaller, and much, much smaller networks?