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Apple has come out against a government request to create a tool that would allow iPhones and iPads to be brute-force hacked faster and more easily than ever. Apple has said that once such a tool is made, it will inevitably get out, and everyone from other countries to criminals will get their hands on it.

As a result, some hyperbolic public figures have sought to hijack the cause for their own publicity by suggesting a boycott of Apple products. We disagree, and we're putting our money where our morals are — by buying an iPhone and giving it to one of you. (Technically a US$600 gift certificate.)

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Rene Ritchie

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  • I'll be honest I was ready to give up all my apple products when I found out they didnt want to open up the phone of the shooter. But when I read the statement that you posted, I understood the magnitude of the repercussions that could take place, so I totally stand by apple and their decision. Forever an apple fan
  • I #StandWithApple because to do otherwise just leads us into dangerous territory. And we need to be able to trust companies that provide us with these devices to protect us from invasive (and potentially illegal) searches by a government with no real check to keep it honest. Sent from the iMore App
  • Furthermore a bigger reason to #standwithapple on this particular point is that there by simple reason of logic these terrorists destroyed their personal phones completely yet left this phone intact. This phone was subject under the terms of use by his employer, who actually own the device, to having it's contents and activity reviewed at any time. The user of the device was very likely smart enough to, since they didn't destroy the device along with the others, to have made sure that it was only used for the business of San Bernardino County Health department. The DoJ have merely made this a case of either getting what they want and have Apple have a bypass or method of unlocking devices for them and defeat the security there to protect people's private lives. In fact we have seen that with further demands by the DoJ to have other devices unlocked along with the one owned by San Bernardino County Health and used by the Terrorist. If Apple win the case I am sure that the FBI/ Dept of Justice will push for a law demanding a backdoor to the data of users on demand passed by Congress and if Apple lose the case the DoJ will use this as a standing to force the unlocking of further iPhones. In fact while people say that they will stop using Apple devices, in either instance it means that the same standard set by a test case such as this could be used to force the unlocking of any Android based device regardless of how secure it is. In fact, you can bet that if the U.S. Government gets it's way then it opens up other governments demanding the same ability and then we may as well go back to having phones without any encryption and without any lock to protect the information held within or make theft of the phone a little less desirable.
  • That's the most important point. There's no evidence to support the idea that this work phone was used in the commission of a crime. Totally agree. Sent from the iMore App
  • I agree. I highly doubt this phone in question was used for anything other than work purposes. I really don't think they were stupid enough to use a county issued work phone for terrorist activities. Is the FBI really that stupid, or is this just a ploy by them to further erode our privacy and security. The iPhone in question was left behind and not destroyed like the other devices they were using. Doesn't that say it all right there?
  • I believe that Snowden et al showed us that there is ENOUGH surveillance out there; we need not offer Big Brother more easy access; they have enough already!
  • i live i believe
  • Snowden should be hung along with anyone who supports him. #isThatYou?
  • What if you just think I support him? Are you still going to lynch me Citizen Executioner?
  • hanged* -__-
  • I stand by the Constitution. #StandWithApple
  • I wouldn't care if this whole thing breaks Apple in half. Best outcome has both parties losing. I won't stand with a freakin corporation, but there are plenty of lemmings that will #beALemming
  • I'll #standwithapple because i really love it!
  • I #StandWithApple because I stand for freedom of the American people.
  • I #StandwithApple due to privacy and security built in their products. Reading all the articles that are pouring out lately. Apple forever!
  • We need to fight for our rights to privacy. If we give them up freely, we will certainly not get them back...
  • I #StandWithApple because it's the right thing to do. The government is overextending it's reach, and trying to force Apple to create a tool that puts all Americans in jeopardy.
  • I #StandWithApple because if they give in to the government this time than the flood gates will open and there will be no stopping them from invading our privacy in the future. Furthermore it would give the low lifes of the world a much easier way to steal from all of us good folk who work and earn our money.
  • I #StandWithApple because privacy is important.
  • This is a complicated issue, further complicated by the fact that the FBI are trying to swing public opinion in their favour by framing the issue as Apple not helping them fight terrorism. The importance of Apple standing up for their principles cannot be understated. This won't stop with access to just one phone.
  • I #StandWithApple because otherwise it sets a really dangerous legal precedent.
  • I #StandWithApple because privacy matters!
  • I #StandWithApple because they're the standard bearers of the industry. Sent from the iMore App
  • I #StandWithApple because security of one of Apples main focuses for us as a consumer and they are staying true to their word. Sent from the iMore App
  • #IStandWithApple "Those that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." ~Benjamin Franklin Sent from the iMore App
  • #standwithapple !! Sent from the iMore App
  • #istandwithapple because my data does not belong to the government Sent from the iMore App
  • If apple can stop the FBI then we should feel safe with the privacy of our information with them. #standwithapple
  • I stand with Apple because is sets a dangerous legal precedent.
  • #StandWithApple is the only choice. Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.
  • Privacy matters, that why I #StandWithApple
  • I #StandWithApple because this is a very slippery slope, despite the potential importance of what's on that phone.
  • I #StandWithApple because all our civil liberties are under attack now, and privacy is taking the most hits from legislators who are supposed to represent *us*!
  • I #StandWithApple because privacy is paramount.
  • I #StandwithApple because privacy and personal information is important but also need to protested to those abuse it.
  • Coming from android, I appreciate all the effort apple does to protect our privacy. And I stand by them
  • I totally support this venture! Well done guys!! Privacy is one of the most important things, if we allow this to happen then we can't complain
  • It's simple: Apple creates products that not only promise stability and usability, but security. I switched from an iPhone 5S to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge last year and loved the device (I'm a fan of all systems out there and have switched between devices now and again). I hadn't planned on switching back to the iPhone yet but ended up doing so after some malware made its way onto my S6 Edge. Now I barely download apps on the phone, unless I've used them in the past or have heard of their usability/reliability, nor am I big on gaming etc. I use my smartphone for work mostly, where emails are filtered and scanned via industry-grade software, and whenever I'm using an Android device, I always install a highly reputed antivirus app on the phone as well. Despite all this, somehow a malware found its way onto my device. Wasn't too much of a hassle and I was able to remove it without being affected much. But the timing of it... My sister-in-law was on the look for a new phone and sought my help. I gave her pros and cons of various devices and ended up getting her an iPhone 6S Plus and in the midst of it all, upgraded myself to the iPhone 6S Plus as well... Surprisingly my S6 Edge wasn't lagging in performance or crashing unexpectedly or such, but still the reliability and comfort of security that goes along with having an iPhone can't be compared, IMO. I #StandWithApple because I believe each individual has a right to their information and Apple shouldn't be forced to provide backdoor access to government institutes or any other organization as anything that they may provide would be exploited one way or another by others as well. It'll be like opening up a black hole.
  • I stand with Apple because I think the government is getting drunk with power, and they see it as totally acceptable to take whatever they want. There needs to be more respect for the privacy of Americans, and opening the floodgates in this situation will lead to snooping on would-be upstanding citizens.
  • I #StandWithApple! I like to see my freedom from illegal search and seizure protected with the same vigor that some protect the right to bear arms.
  • #StandWithApple
  • We need our privacy and this is what Apple is about. Keep it up. #StandWithApple
  • Yes, because cat pictures should remain private. #blame thevictims
  • I #StandWithApple because I believe in the right to have privacy. I understand the FBI's point of view however as with everything Government related if a small bit of access is given, later on they will ask for more. It is like a black mailer and his victim, at first the black mailer goes with asking for a small amount of money, all while promising not to ask for anymore. However as time passes the black mailer starts to see how lucrative it can be to keep asking for more and more. In this case the black mailer is the government and the victim is all of us. It can all be summed up in Lord of the Rings, the one ring to rule them all, corrupts any that have it. We don't need a backdoor encryption key to rule them all, for it will corrupt all that have it.
  • Dude, if a judge allowed or ordered it, you realize that the entire cupertino campus could be seized, right?
  • Not before an appeal. It was a ridiculous ruling.
  • I #StandWithApple because it's the best company in the World, making wonderful products.
  • I #StandWithApple because privacy is important!
  • #Stand With Apple. Privacy too important to throw away.
  • 2 simple questions! Who will be exempt and what's to stop Russia to require apple or any other company to unlock a device of a US citizen? God forbid let it a captured government agent or official.
  • I #StandWithApple because I believe in the right to privacy. The FBI/US Govt is also looking to set a precedent that will be mirrored by rogue nations and autocratic governments in a heartbeat.
  • #StandwithApple for all those that love to stand by our founding fathers -> "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Benjamin Franklin
  • I #StandWithApple because everyone has a right to privacy. Today and in the future, the smartphone is perhaps the most private thing anybody has.
  • I stand with Apple as the US Government's request would set a very dangerous precedent going forward. If this was a one off with zero chance or being exploited I'd say go for it but to let this loose in the wild would be a very serious issue if it fell in the wrong hands.
  • how is one rose gold iphone darker than the other?? Sent from the iMore App
  • nevermind-one of them is gold Sent from the iMore App
  • #StandWithApple because its not just Apple, its all tech. Once Apple is made to open the door, the rest will follow!
  • I will #StandWithApple we have to protect our privacy!
  • i #standwithapple for the sake of everybody who supports security. we function as one Sent from the iMore App
  • Privacy matters! #Istandwithapple Sent from the iMore App
  • I #StandWithApple
  • I stand with Apple. Too many of our freedoms are being lost and our government can't be relied upon to only go after the true terrorists. Sent from the iMore App
  • I don't need to win an iPhone, but I #StandWithApple in this matter because the FBI, at least to my understanding, is not seeking entry into the iPhone of the terrorist, but is seeking knowledge of how to circumvent ALL iPhones and are using one incident, as well as fear and smear tactics to get their way. At least that's how I see it.
  • I #StandWithApple because privacy is important.
  • I #StandWithApple because big brother is infringing on the rights of everyday law abiding Americans!
  • I #StandWithApple because I believe in privacy and that privacy matters!
  • I #StandWithApple because privacy is paramount and weakening it will not help, as the criminals will just use other means of encryption to hide their data.
  • I aso #StandWithApple because I fear for the privacy of my data, no matter the good intentions behind the request. There should be constitutionally legal ways to get access to the data of suspected criminals without potentially setting up situations where all citizens are subject to privacy violations.
  • standing with Apple because simply it is the right thing to do
  • I #StandwithApple because Apple is right
  • It's easy. If Apple wins, all consumers win. If Apple loses, all consumers lose.
  • I #StandWithApple because it is the best! Period!
  • I #StandWithApple because nowdays everyone has a right to privacy., the smartphone is perhaps the most private thing anybody has. Its my confort-zone, my safe space, my iPhone.
  • I #StandWithApple because privacy matters!
  • It's a no-brainer to #StandWithApple on this issue. It is well documented that the federal government has been violating our rights and the Constitution for a long time. Manning and Snowden are