Stephen Fry Teases a White iPhone 4 at the T3 Awards

The White iPhone 4 has been spotted in the hands of Stephen Fry at the T3 Gadget Awards 2010. According to T3, Fry was talking about the Windows Phone 7 launch that he had attended earlier that day. When he reached for the new Windows Phone 7 that Microsoft had given him, however, Fry inadvertently pulled out his White iPhone 4.

Fry proceeded to taunt the audience and claimed that it was "The only white iPhone 4 currently in Europe".

With the white iPhone 4 still unavailable to order from Apple, people are speculating how Stephen got his hands on the device. Was it an aftermarket job or is he in possession of one of the 'ready-to-go' white iPhone units? If the latter, could we see the white iPhone 4 before the holiday season?

by George Lim

IM Staff

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