Steve Wozniak demonstrates keyless entry at Starwood with iPhone

If you've ever wondered how the keyless hotel room locks work at Starwood Hotels, you're in for a treat. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak demonstrated the lock with the accompanying SPG app on his iPhone on video. Essentially, users launch the SPG app on their iPhone and then just tap their phones to the lock, wait a few seconds, and then the door opens.

With the SPG app, hotel visitors can sign up for a Bluetooth key so they can skip the check-in and wait time at the front desk. When they arrive at a participating SPG property, they can go straight to their room and use their iPhone as a room key. The lock and the phone communicate with each other using Bluetooth tech.

SGP had also announced that it will be expanding the keyless tech to the Apple Watch next year.

Source: SGP

Chuong H Nguyen