StubHub is making it easier than ever to buy Super Bowl tickets on your iPhone

With the two teams set to participate in Super Bowl LIII set in stone (sorry Saints), fans will be looking into picking up tickets to see the big game in person and StubHub has got you covered. StubHub has just introduced a new way that makes it much easier and more convenient to book directly from your iPhone.

If you are a New England Patriots or Los Angeles Rams fan and either want to see Tom Brady win his sixth Super Bowl or Jared Goff win his first, you need to get tickets to the big game first. StubHub has always been a go-to option to find tickets to the Super Bowl and with the introduction of its 3D mode, it will drop you right into the specific seat you are looking at and offer you a 3D model of the view you'll get.

The 3D seat view covers every single seat within the Mercedes-Benz Stadium be that the nose bleeds or the coveted front seats at the 50-yard line. Better yet, for the first time ever, StubHub will let you buy the tickets you are looking at right from the 3D mode.

Finding the right seat for the event you are attending has always been a tough task. Although there are tens of thousands of seats to chose from, only a few will deliver that perfect view where you can see your favorite team win the Super Bowl. StubHub's new feature makes that process way easier to experience the biggest football game of the year.

According to StubHub, there are still approximately 3,800 tickets available for purchase. The average price for the tickets is coming in at around $5,617 and the lowest price paid for a ticket came in at $2,969. Given the magnitude of the game, people from all over the world have purchased tickets. Besides the United States, seven other countries have purchased tickets: Mexico, Canada, Germany, Australia, Hong Kong and Japan.

StubHub's 3D seat view is now available through the iOS app. If you're not there in person, you can always watch the Super Bowl live on your iPhone or iPad.

Find your Super Bowl tickets with StubHub

Danny Zepeda