UPDATED: Super Rumor: Next Gen iPhone -- As Spec'ed -- in Stores July 17?

UPDATE: Full super-rumored specs list, via Engadget after the break!

ORIGINAL: Palm Pre announces a release date and all of a sudden iPhone and Apple blogs have to rumor up a next generation iPhone release date? Yep, that's how we roll... right over the news cycles.

So when's the rumor? July 17, 2009. And no, no idea if that's an international roll-out like last year. Speaking of which, Apple introduced the iPhone 3G at WWDC 2008 and had it on sale July 11, so a similar pattern this year makes the kind of sense that does, even if July 17 just also happens to be the default date on every iCal instance in the world...

As to specs, pretty much what we've seen rumored already, 32GB, 3.5mp camera, video recording, digital compass, OLED screen, and here's a kicker -- illuminated Apple logo like the MacBooks.

How does that sound to you? Perfect timing? To soon? Too late? Too many crazy rumors, bring on WWDC already?!

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