Glassdoor collects data on how much employees love their boss and love their products. They also seem to collect data on the wicked obvious, at least where Apple is concerned. Flabbergasting: 91% of employees love Steve Jobs and on a scale of 1 to 5, think Apple's products rate a 3.8 (we're guessing MobileMe cost them a full point there).

To give some frame of reference GigaOm provides further details: Microsoft's Steve Ballmer is loved by 44%, Palm's Ed Colligan by 36%, and RIM's co-CEO's by 70% (does that mean 35% each?). Products vary far less, with almost everyone at the same level as Apple (RIM), a bit below (Microsoft at 3.7) or so (Palm at 3.2)

Biggest loser was Motorola with a whopping 10% and 2.6 rating. Could have been worse, however -- they could have been off the list.

So how much do you love Steve Jobs and the iPhone? And how does that compare to your boss and your products/services? Or should we rather rate the raters? Gigaom and Glassdoor, how are they doing?

(Tip o' the handset to Phil from WMExperts for sending this our way!)