Tweet @iMore why you want to #SwitchToiPhone for your chance to win an iPhone 6s!

Apple has not only announced the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus but an all-new Move to iOS app that makes switching to iPhone simpler and easier than ever. That means, if you're still on Android but looking for a way out, there's never been a better time to #SwitchToiPhone. And to help you out even more, iMore is giving one away!

All you have to do to enter is start a tweet with:

  • Hey @iMore I want to #SwitchToiPhone

—And then finish it with your reason!

If you don't use Twitter, Instagram is fine as well! Make it funny, make it heart-warming, make it poetic, make it insightful, make it any way you want — just make it stand out!

Whether it's for timely updates and incredible apps, the focus on security and privacy, the advantages of Apple Store and AppleCare, the great Google experience or great Microsoft experience — we want to know why you want to make the switch.

The contest starts today and ends Wednesday, August 26, at 11:59pm PT. Usual rules apply. Tell us why you want to #SwitchToiPhone, we'll read all the messages and choose the grand prize winner and give them a $500 U.S. Apple Store gift certificate.

Enough of our words, time for yours! Go #SwitchToiPhone

Rene Ritchie

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  • iphone is a joke but i'll take the $500 if i can use it towards purchasing applecare for my macbook. HUGS.
  • I certainly wouldn't go so far as to say iPhone is a joke. Nothing in the world beats it for stability, security, or speed and purity of updates, or longevity. It's a tremendous "tool"! I don't get to get a new phone til Jul 2016. I am thinking I should favor "tool" over "toy", through, instead opting to scratch the "toy" itch with tablets. Though I personally think Android is a MUUUUUUUCH better "toy" (the OS itself as well as the devices proper, and the sheer crap-ton of customizability), with "the one year curse" of Android bugginess, security issues, and waiting fiveever for very monkeyed with updates, I'm thinking Apple is probably the better "tool". Therefore, despite the fact that I just like Android phones sooooooo much better, I think I'm more likely to get an iPhone rather than another Android, hence why my tweet to iMore basically said "I don't "WANT" to switch, but I probably "SHOULD". But this all hinges on the x-factor of how Windows 10 mobile does between now and next July. If it is relatively successful in its goals, and has a relatively good (and growing) app scene by then, then we can just forget all about the iPhone, I'll be going Windows! :-D Of all the major ecosystems, my heart is most strongly aligned with Windows right now, and I VERY MUCH WANT my next phone to be the upcoming Lumia 950XL (aka "Cityman"). At this point, I'm actually hoping that "Windows will 'rescue me' from Apple", you could say. ...we'll just have to see. But no, I certainly wouldn't call the iPhone "a joke". p.s. one area where I will agree with you, though: if I won the gift card, it would be VERRRRRRRRRY temping to put it towards a new Mac Mini instead. While I certainly don't dislike iOS, I like MacOS quite a bit better - and need something new to replace my aging late 2009 17" Macbook Pro, which, while still pretty viable is beginning to really show its age. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I personally have nothing to complain about regarding updates or security patches. I currently have a Tmobile S5 and it's on official 5.1.1 and the kernel has already been officially patched for Stagefright. In addition, Android's core apps update independently than the OS so unlike Apple, you aren't at the mercy of OS updates to update your core apps. So infact, core apps get updated quicker in Android than in iPhone. And ofcourse you can always get a Nexus for the fastest OS updates, but i understand you're trying to win $500 so say what you gotta say =]
  • Well, I am trying to win $500, that's true! :-) But if you look at the history of the things I've said on iMore, Windows Central, and Android Central, you will see that I haven't really changed my tune at all to sweet up to them. My tweet was hardly enthusiastic or gushing about the iPhone. Fact of the matter is I've got a lot of good (and bad) to say about Apple...and Android....and Windows. Quite simply, that's because there ARE good things (AND bad) to say about ALL of them. Thus is also why I'm not an Android guy, per se...or a Windows guy...or an Apple guy. I'm an ALL of them guy! Yes I have my biases, we all do. Right now, my heart is most strongly with Windows and LEAST strongly with Apple. And my head is least strongly with Android, while the jury's out on whether it's more strongly with Apple or Windows. But I try not to play favorites, and pick one brand to get my allegiance (or my praise at the expense of the others). I have (and love) devices from all three, and plan to get more devices from all three. If I can find some way to FEASIBLY, VIABLY get three new phones, one of each, well then that's totally what I'd do...the $500 would just get me that much closer to my goal. :-) Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • The app upgrades being separate from the OS is good! And I know that some Android phones are better than others at getting updates. In fact, if I do get another Android phone, it will be a Nexus for just that reason. But that's the thing, none of them are as good in this regard as Apple, where everyone gets the same update that day. I waited like five months for Lollipop on my current Galaxy Note 3 (via Sprint), it was very "Touchwiz'd" up, and I have not had any major updates in the several months since. I may or may not even get Android M (or even 5.1.1) while the cheapie little several year old iPhone 4s the company gives me as a work phone WILL be getting iOS9. Look, I could go on and on about all the ways I like Android better than Apple, but let's give a little credit where credit is due - Apple is the best when it comes to OS updates - by far! Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I agree that there are some delays for some phones within the Android world but we also agreed that the Nexus would solve those so a solution does exist within Android which is the beauty of this OS, and thats options. Also while Apple does boast about giving new IOSs to older phones, they fail to mention that the experience is completely different. In your example of iOS9 for 4gs, well first, it hasn't even been released yet and secondly many features of full iOS9 will not be carried over to the 4gs due to incompatibility and thirdly, the reviews on the beta so far have shown its pretty damn sluggish on the 4gs.
  • That's true about the 4s iOS9 being somewhat feature stripped, I suppose. But it's still getting a meaningful update on a 4yr old (?) phone - which IS better than nothing, like I might get with M, or even 5.1. And every 4s user is going to get the same thing at essentially the same time - which is more or less immediate. I would call the Nexus a "partial solution", as there is still something of a lag, and the delay may be somewhat different for different people. Night and day better than my Samsung. But still not an Apple-level situation.
  • Actually Apple does update their "core apps" independently. Now core features need a software update, they do in Android as well. Any system level integration needs a system update. Sent from the iMore App
  • Actually, BlackBerry beats iPhone on Security...and battery life (Z30 and PassPort)
  • You know what, you're right. I guess I was just thinking of "the big three"* and should've been thinking more broadly. Still, among the big three, what I said was right, wasn't it? :-) *= Yes, I know Windows Phone is hardly any bigger than BlackBerry, but the Windows/Microsoft ecosystem as a whole is huge, so that's why I still count it among "the big ones" - and even then, call me naive, but I'm pretty optimistic that WP will grow quite a bit once 10 is fully on the scene. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Who is the Joke?, you are buddy!
  • And that's a helpful comment, how? :-/ Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Here's what I said in my tweet, Rene: "Hey @iMore! Don't so much WANT to #SwitchToiPhone. I prefer my Android. But w/ quick updates, stability, and security, maybe I SHOULD switch." ....does that qualify? :-) Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • No
  • Hey @iMore I want to #SwitchToiPhone, with no more organs left to sell I need to win this!
  • Rene, will there be an article later today about reactions to Samsung's Unpacked event? I know that's what everyone is really waiting for! Sent from the iMore App
  • Incoming butthurt
  • I've already pre-ordered 2 pounds of hemorrhoid cream for Rene in anticipation of his upcoming butthurt rants in reaction to today's Samsung announcements.
  • Well that didn't las long, he has an acute flare-up as expected.
  • Probably a story about how the choice of packing material sucks
  • Rene, will there be an article later today about reactions to Samsung's quarterly mobile profit shortfall? I know that's what everyone is really waiting for! Lulz.
  • You guys try so hard these days.
  • Hey, if you're all going to use #SwitchToiPhone, then why not also use #StageFrightDoom?
    Or maybe #StageFrightFTW?
  • @iMore I want to #SwitchToiPhone from... the iPhone.