T-Mobile sees increased revenue and subscribers in Q2, iPhone doing well on the 'Uncarrier'

T-Mobile has today released their Q2 2013 financial results and it shows a good quarter for the 'Uncarrier' and its iPhone sales. While specific numbers of iPhones sold since T-Mobile first started selling it in April aren't clear, it does account for a pretty good percentage of new customers and upgrade sales.

Revenue climbed 27.5% for the quarter, and subscriber numbers rose by 1.1 million, with revenue increase "primarily due to the inclusion of MetroPCS results for May and June 2013 and higher equipment sales due to record smartphone sales." Specifically speaking of the iPhone, sales accounted for around 29% of T-Mobile's gross customer additions and upgrade smartphone sales for the quarter.

T-Mobile was the last of the big four to start offering the iPhone directly, and it's great to see positive numbers coming from the very first quarter. At this point, we may expect to see sales begin to slow going forward with a new iPhone hopefully on the not too distant horizon, but it's clear that T-Mo has some interest from iPhone customers.

Have you picked up a T-Mobile iPhone this quarter? How are you finding it?

Source: T-Mobile

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