T-Mobile USA goes after

T-Mobile USA, which looks like it'll once again be the only major American carrier left without the iPhone on September 12, is trying to turn lemons into magenta-colored lemonade with an amped up unlimited and unlocked program for "bring your own iPhone" offers. Suzanne Lowry of T-Mobile's blog{.nofollow} went over the highlights:

  • Unlimited data: T-Mobile offers worry-free, unlimited nationwide data.
  • Cost Savings: Customers with unlocked iPhones can save $50/month compared to AT&T*.
  • Nationwide coverage that’s only getting better: T-Mobile’s voice network reaches 96% of all Americans, and later this year, as we transform our network, introducing 4G (HSPA+) service in our iPhone-compatible spectrum, these unlocked iPhones will get a significant speed boost where these improvements are available.

So they're going for the triple-threat combo punch of unlimited data, faster downloads, and lower bills. This is for unlocked AT&T/GSM iPhones only, of course, but if that's you, it could at least be worth a look.

Check out their full pitch via the link below.

Source: T-Mobile blog{.nofollow}