Apple Holding Special

Apple Holding Special "iPhone Software Roadmap" Event on March 6. Bring a Date, and your Compiler

Mark your calendars for March 6, 10:00 am PST. Apple will be holding a special event for members of the media, outlining the company's iPhone development roadmap, as well a possible SDK release for developers. Apple began sending out invitations to the press early this morning, except for me of course. Steve Jobs has never forgiven me for photoshopping his head on Napoleon's bust. And I...

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Lying Bastard: iPhone SDK Leak Site Exposed as Hoax, Sparking Waves of Angry

Lying Bastard: iPhone SDK Leak Site Exposed as Hoax, Sparking Waves of Angry "Sent from my iPhone" emails

Angry verbs and adjectives are flying from iRate iPhone users brewing over the revelation that a site claiming to have a leaked SDK and working in partnership with Apple, was in fact a hoax intended to generate traffic and a some laughs. It's getting lots of the former, but very little of the latter. The person behind the hoax site, Tiny Code, perpetrated this caper by posting what he...

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iPhone SDK and Firmware Release

iPhone SDK and Firmware Release "Imminent", As In "Look Out Your Window, It's Pulling Up the Driveway Now"

Remember those long hot summer days, back in your childhood, when the musical sounds of an ice cream truck pulling into your neighborhood sent you bolting out the door and running into the street, painting the sidewalk with your saliva along the way? Well prepare to feed your inner child another tasty treat. Tiny Code, the site behind Installer.app repositories (yes, THAT installer.app...

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