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iCrack: iTunes Wi-Fi Store Makes Music Purchase All Too Easy, Dangerously Addictive

With the release of firmware update 1.1.1 came something new to iPhone that I think may prove to be its most insidious feature yet; iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store. Now I know that many of you don't purchase music via iTunes, preferring instead to utilize certain ahem free source, but you may sing a different tune once you start rummaging through genres and newly released content on the screen of your iPhone. For me it's becoming an addiction. I have to force myself not to tap on the lovely purple store icon that beckons me to enter and pay pay pay. iPhone has now become a gateway drug to iTunes.

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Apple Web Apps Going Live?

Dev Team Splintering

It appears that the iPhone dev team is splintering. I wouldn't consider this news usually, but it provides insight as to what folks are working on, and it also shows the frustration of unlockers that are stuck in limbo with 1.0.2 with no way to fix their baseband radio. The splinter group, iPhone Elite, promise that brick reversal is on the way, and soon.

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Jailbreak for iPhone 1.1.1 Now Available

The jailbreak for 1.1.1 based on the tiff vulnerability has been out for a few days, but not available for public consumption. It appears that the iPhone Dev Wiki crowd is ready to unleash it on us. To install the jailbreak on a 1.1.1 iPhone, point Safari on your iPhone to http://conceitedsoftware.com/iphone/beta/. Their exploit code will install Installer.app on the iPhone, assuming you say yes to the prompts.

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iBrickr makes iPhone 1.1.1 Downgrade Easy

If you want to downgrade the firmware on your iPhone, iBrickr has an easy option for downgrading the firmware from 1.1.1 to 1.0.2. Thus spoke Nate True:

Just a small update - if you want to downgrade your iPhone from 1.1.1 back to 1.0.2, iBrickr will guide you through it. No button holding either, it's easy!

And if you'd like to download it, iBrickr has its own web domain that will redirect you to the proper place. The update doesn't work with unlocked iPhones that were bricked by upgrading to 1.1.1, but that tool is still on the way from possibly multiple sources.

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iPhone Games from Cliff Maier

Longtime forum member Cliff Maier (cmaier in the forums) just posted his sixth full game, making him long overdue for accolades on the front page. All of the games are simple, clean, and optimal candidates for boonies mode data URLs. All of the games are small and make excellent use of the fonts present on the iPhone; due to his careful programming, all of the games com in at around 80k (and even less for ThumbTrek). This is important, as it means that the games will still be eminently playable over EDGE networks.

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iRun: Nike+ Sport Kit Coming to iPhone?

Amidst yesterday's news of iPhone Dev Team's successful jailbreak into firmware 1.1.1, came evidence that Apple and Nike are working to bring iPod Nike+ Sport Kit to iPhone. A text string located deep in the bowels of the firmware's .plist file mentions Nike+ as a supported accessory.

Soon joggers will be running along sidewalks with iPhones on armbands. And I'll be ready and waiting to trip them as they pass me by. Damn joggers!.

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Apple Slapped with Class Action Suit for Bricking Unlocked iPhones. Justice Will Be Served

Timothy Smith of California once loved his iPhone. You could see him wandering the streets of San Jose with his face glued to the phone's shiny black screen, tapping and pinching away, oblivious to everything around him like people crying out for help, oncoming traffic, lamp posts, etc. But that love affair ended over a week ago when Smith updated his unlocked iPhone to the infamous firmware update 1.1.1, rendering it iBricked. Since Apple refuses to support iPhones which have been "tampered with", Smith did what any self righteous American consumer would do... he called his attorney and filed a class action suit.

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My Second iPhone Has Arrived, Kool-Aid Never Tasted So Good

Boys and girls, let me tell you it ain't easy living without your iPhone for more than a week. The phrase Testicular impact comes to mind. It feels like eternity has passed since that dreaded day my inquisitive mind and impatient nature claimed the life of my iPhone. Rather than wait around for iPhone Dev Team to create a resuscitative baseband update, I applied my $100 Apple Store coupon towards the puchase of a second iPhone and succumbed to the siren call of Marimba ringtones.

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