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AnySIM 1.0.2 Released, Now with Fewer Bricks

iPhone Dev Team has released a second version of its free GUI unlock software, anySIM, now available for download. This version (1.0.2) promises a stress free (and Kent free) unlock process that for many users (including yours truly) didn't work with the last version.

Ever the sucker for punishment, I downloaded the software and ran the unlock process, which ended in failure just as last time. Fortunately this time around it didn't have the adverse effect of bricking my iPhone.

If you're made of tougher stuff, here is the link.

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Apple Quietly Kills 4GB iPhone Model, Dozens Mourn

As some of you early risers noticed, Apple's online store was down in the wee morning hours, receiving a slight make over and badly needed paint job. When it went back online one product was conspicuously absent; the 4GB iPhone model. It seems Apple has quietly but publicly executed the iPhone that nobody seemed to want.

This was expected since Jobs slashed the price of the popular 8GB to $399, and made no mention of the 4GB model. So no surprise here. Move along, nothing to see here.


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Dev Team Statement

The iPhone Dev Team, the same folks that have set the stage for 3rd party applications and more recently, the free iPhone unlock methods, released a statement via Erica Sadun of TUAW about Apple's positioning on the iPhone unlock and the possible bricking of iPhones. Their statement is to wait to install the patch if you've unlocked your iPhone; if you really need the update, they have a tool in the works that will restore your iPhone to its factory condition. The 'restore-to-factory-condition' tool would be useful for anyone that wanted to sell their iPhone and be assured that there's no personal information on the iPhone. The text of their statement is reproduced below:

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Phil Schiller Sounds Off on Unlocking, Toes the Party Line

Apple's number two man, Phill Schiller, speaks out on unlocking and the unforeseen consequences preventing future firmware updates. As you might expect, Schiller's comments are little more than a reiteration of yesterday's press release, scolding users and threatening castration of warranty obligations. His most notable soundbite...

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Breaking: Apple Drops the Hammer on Unlockers

Bad news, kiddies. Steve thinks we're having too much fun with his expensive toy, and henceforth has abolished the practice of iPhone unlocking. Stop it. Just stop. You know it's wrong, and puts wrinkles in Steve's mock turtlenecks. This bombshell was just dropped from the belly of the mothership...

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Apple Set to Double iPhone Production, as Nokia and Motorola Look On in Horror

As if Nokia, Motorola, et. al., didn't already have reason to shit themselves. Today's news from The Street will have CEOs at every major handset maker pouring glasses of Pepto-Bismol and reading motivational posters. Senior Writer Scott Moritz reports that Apple will boost iPhone production for the fourth quarter to 2.7 Million units, nearly double original projections. Apparently Apple anticipates some kind of spike in demand in Q4.

Hey, you don't suppose the recent price drop had something to do with this, do you? Nah, purely coincidental.

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Four New SummerBoard Themes to Pretty Up Your Home Screen

SummerBoard users may want to fire up Installer.app. Four new themes are now available for download; Oren, Phiberglass, JrWallace, and two variations of Tiger. Oren stands out as best theme, in my opinion. It gives your home screen a purple-hued "Fo' Shizzle" look that speaks taste.

Nothing too dramatic, but who doesn't love freebies.

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iPhone Now Works in the Ultimate of all Roaming Areas, Your Erogenous Zones. Cigarette Not Included

See folks, this is why Apple locks out third party software development - using Steve Jobs's products as adult sex toys is naughty, and voids your warranty.

An app called iBrate (cute name) turns your iPhone into a $600 $400 vibrator, the only device in the world that can make phone calls and orgasms at the same time. So, guys, the next time you call your gal and she sounds somewhat far away, with a suspicious buzzing sound in the background, you'll know that iPhone is the man you aren't.

To download iBrate, you will need to be running installer.app with the Community Source package installed. If that's already done you should see it listed.

I wonder if this app really works? Hold my calls.

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Study Says iPhone is the Future of Mobile Computing, and Kitchen Appliances

Oh to be an analyst. I swear if I could have any job in the world that would surely be it - lounge around in a cushy office all day long, putting golf balls into an empty scotch glass, stare out the window, and occassionally publish insanely self evident studies about market directions and product trends.

Take this latest piece of work by ABI Research, for example. These jokers have determined that iPhone offers a glimpse of things to come for mobile internet devices. They see portable devices one day being used for such things as web browsing, text messaging, music playback, even capturing photos and video. My God, it's like they have a crystal ball or something!

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iPhone Über Alles! Apple Rolls Out the Barrel in Deutschland

T-Mobile customers in Germany are waltzing in the streets today. Earlier this morning Steve Jobs announced an exclusive partnership with Deutsch Telekom (T-Mobile), bringing iPhone to Germany starting November 9. Pricing is set at €399, but one of my readers in Germany, Jonathan Marcialis, sent news (with photo) that several shops in Germany are already advertising iPhone now for €899 ($1,200). Mein Gott!

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