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Work Off Your Flabby...Abs, with Gyminee

Are you out of shape? Are you so flabby that even the tightest pants can't control your bouncing badonkadonk butt? Haven't seen your genitals in years? Well put down that jelly donut and grab your iPhone, because a few minutes of daily workout and a site called Gyminee can help whip you into shape in no time.

Check this out. Point your iPhone to gyminee.com/iphone, sign up for a free account. And from there you can download how-to videos and view them right on your iPhone. Watch as instructors show you various proper exercise routines. Once you get off on the demos, you can track your workout right from Safari. Pretty cool.

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Mein Gott! Deutsche Telekom Signs Exclusive Agreement with Apple - iPhone Kommen to Germany!

Reuters reports that German mobile operator Deutsche Telekom has signed an exclusive agreement with Apple, bringing iPhone to the land of bier and lederhosen. The terms of the deal remain undisclosed, but according to one source an announcement from both sides will come as early as next week.

Neither company is offering comments at this time, but when asked by reporters whether a partnership had been reached, a press agent for T-Mobile clicked his heals together, raised one arm in solute, and shouted "Jawohl!".

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Apple Makes Good on Promise, Begins Offering $100 Store Credit to Early Adopters

Oh cheer up, guys. Sure it's only $100...but think of all the wondrous things you do with that trifling sum. Why, you can buy half an iPod. Or .0000001% of a MacBook Pro. Or a king's ransom in iTunes music. Har har.

Seriously though, I know this offer won't pacify all of my outspoken readers, but it's something anyway. Take the money, use it to buy yourself something nice, like an iPod or MacBook. Life is too short to fret over money. Go enjoy yourself, and have a nice weekend!


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London Calling: Apple to Announce iPhone in UK Next Week? Blimey!

Hello, Wellington? Are you there, it's Hawkins. Ah good. Say, listen old bean...I was just watching the telly and apparently Apple is staging some kind of press event next Tuesday. They've sent us an invitation. Could have something to do with that silly iPhone thing those bloody Americans keep going on about, I expect. Yes, his lordship, Sir Jobs is on full form at these events so I'm told. Should be good for a laugh I suppose. Do lets attend. Excellent, I'll see you there.

Cheerio, Governor, pip pip and all that rot.


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Oh Canada: No iPhone for the Great North, Yet

Bad news for my readers above the 49th parallel. Canada's largest wireless operator, Rogers Communications, gave a statement to Bloomberg.com yesterday. Nadir Mohamed, Roger's COO (that's chief operating officer for you neophytes) stated that while he'd love nothing more than offer iPhone to his customers, Apple and the carrier have yet to seal a deal. Mohamed goes on to concede that Europe is four times larger in market size compared with Canada, and is therefore the most likely target for Apple's next iPhone play. And he's right.

That really sucks, eh?


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Surprise! Price Drop Spurs iPhone Demand, Analysts Stunned

From the Department of Duh comes word that Apple's recent $200 price drop on the popular 8GB iPhone has led to a sharp increase in sales. Now I know that news will knock my readers over like bowling pins, but do try and steady yourselves.

Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster conducted a 50 hour survey of Apple Stores (I assume the poor guy took a break sometime) compiling concurrent sales data - cause that's what bean counters do. He came away with less than surprising results; iPhone sales are up, w00t! He reckons that Apple sold 27,000 units per day within a five day period in order to arrive at its ballyhooed 1 million unit milestone. Not bad sales performance, what.

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iPhone Pickin Up Good Vibrations from Netvibes, Heh Heh!

Look at me, making with the stupid Beach Boys references. Couldn't you just slap me over the head with an iPhone (not your own of course)? Back to topic...

Netvibes, the bastard poster child of Web 2.0, is offering an iPhone optimized frontend to its mobile service for busy users on the go. Just point your browser to m.netvibes.com, which I conveniently prelinked for your clicking pleasure, login to your account and immerse yourself in the good vibrations of Netvibes.

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SixApart Announces MovableType/TypePad iPhone Integration: Blogging Made Easy, Without the Pinchies

Got a TypePad account? Using MovableType? How about an iPhone? If you answer yes to all three, SixApart has just made your mobile blogging experience a whole lot easier. While the iPhone is pants at rendering any standard webpage, having a web frontend optimized for iPhone's native resolution is like licking cake batter off a spoon - yummy.

SixApart has announced full iPhone support for all TypePad bloggers. No downloading any scripts or hacking involved; it's there waiting for you. Now when you login to your admin account you'll be greeted with a pretty but minimalist interface that gets you where you want to go in the blink of an, or tap of the finger anyway.

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Crazy Analyst Predictions: 3G iPhone Coming by Christmas, Santa Steve Stuffs Coal in Our Stockings

If Apple's recent $200 8GB iPhone price drop didn't cause enough fiasco, the arrival of a 3G empowered model by Christmas will have iRate iPhone fans carrying torches and pitchforks.

Forward Concepts analyst Will Strauss believes that backdoor licensing agreements between Apple and 3G hardware makers gives strong indication the fruity phone maker will drop a 3G model down our chimneys by December.

He goes on to say that such a device has been in development in Santa Steve's workshop for several months. In Strauss's estimation the time is ripe. Alright, I'll go along with that.

Got your blood boiling yet? No, well how about this: said 3G model will be destined to Europe...not the U.S. Merry Christmas.

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Game Over: iPhone Dev Team Unleashes Free iPhone Unlock. Please God...Let This be The Last Unlock Story I Post!

Oh, you thought Monday's arrival of iPhoneSIMfree's pay-per-view unlock solution was the final word on iPhone unlocking? sigh Would that were true. No, the end hasn't come just yet. That moment will arrive when I am finally carted away, from nervous collapse, in an ambulance destined for nearby mental hospital.

Do lets keep our fingers crossed because this appears to be the one iPhone unlock to rule them all. It's an open source initiate set out by those hacking hoodlums known to the world only as iPhone Dev Team, who are making the source code available for public download.

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