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Alien Camel Wants You To Test its Email Service, Free

Syd from Alien Camel sends word that his company is offering free full IMAP email service to a select group of hardcore users that spend all day in their inbox, to test out their new service and provide feedback.

You must meet a specified list of requirements in order to join.

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Unlocked iPhone Gets in Bed With Reds, Goes On Sale in China

Those commie rats in China will stop at nothing to topple Western Democracy. This time defiling our beloved iPhone. According to Chinese state newspaper Dian Nao Bao, illegally unlocked iPhones are being sold in electronics stores from Beijing to Guangzhou. Interestingly these phones apparently originate from Shenzhen, the location where iPhones are manufactured for Apple. Didn't Steve Jobs make a remark at D5 about ships that leak from the top? Better look in that Steve-O.

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Gartner Picks Up Crack Pipe, Says Apple Will Introduce Enterprise-class iPhones

Oh Gartner, what is it with you and your schizophrenic predictions about Apple's movements into the corporate world? One minute you're saying iPhone is not a serious business tool and has zero chance of gaining corporate adoption, then you do a flip-flop by predicting Apple will roll out some kind of enterprise-focussed iPhone thingy. What the hell? You're starting to worry me.

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MobileChat: So Close to iChat Only Apple's Attorneys Will Know the Difference

The developers at Twenty08 aren't waiting around for Apple to release iChat for iPhone. Instead they are introducing their very own native instant messaging client application, called MobileChat, that looks and works exactly as you would expect Apple's own software. What's more, they're even making the source code available for download, for anyone to freely modify, or hack if you will.

MobileChat's feature list is surprisingly comprehensive for a first generation product...

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iPhone p0wns Smartphone Market in July, Embarrassing Rivals

Apple has reason to celebrate today. According to a new report published by iSuppli, iPhone topped the charts during the month of July, outselling every Smartphone on the U.S. market, even rivaling the most popular feature phone sold; LG's Chocolate.

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Rumor Du Jour: Apple Set to Release New iPhones Soon

What better way to start off your post-holiday work week than a strong dose of highly caffeinated unsubstantiated Apple rumors, courtesy of the Washington Post's Sam Diaz, who claims to have received documents from one of Apple's partners, proving the existence of new iPhones.

Speculation runs high among analysts and the press that an iPhone Nano-like device, smaller and less expensive than the original, is in the works and set for release sometime in Q4. Fact or fiction, the very thought of such a device has many fanboys sporting woodies.

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iCult: Look Who Has An iPhone, All The A-Listers Do

Robert Scoble has a nifty little photostream available on his Flickr gallery, called iCult. In it he profiles various well known bloggers, tech celebrities, and other digerati who proudly carry iPhones. All the A-list people are there including Chris Pirrilo (pictured above) wearing his usual "Feel free to punch me in the face and steal my lunch money" geek persona non grata.

I see lots of tech workers inside major Silicon Valley's companies carrying iPhones these days. Google, FaceBook, Flickr, Yahoo, the usual suspects. Even Microsoft employees use them fondly, with cautious restraint.

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iPhoneSIMfree Unlock To Be Released Into the Wild No Later Than Friday, Promise

Those hacking hoodlums at iPhoneSIMfree are teasing us with the promise of a soon to be released unlock solution, no later than Friday. In the meantime they are wetting our appetites with a nice little FAQ answering many of our gripping questions, like...is it future-proof (yes)...if I do a backup restore will it still work (yes)...will it work on any GSM network (yes)...can the iPhone be unlocked prior to AT&T activation (yes)...Will it help me get laid? (yes, wait..what?)

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Is iPhone Enterprise Ready? Burton Group Says Not Yet

The brain trust of Burton Group put their heads together to debate iPhone's viability as a component to corporate mobile computing. In a media briefing titled iPhone for the Enterprise - you'd think a firm with such smart people would come up with more creative names for these events, Burton concluded iPhone isn't quite ready, but holds a world of opportunity and untapped potential. Thank God for Burton's timely, hard hitting, analysis. I'm sure CTOs in every fortune 500 had thousands of pending iPhone orders.

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