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Screen Smudge as Art Form, Express Yourself

After hours of active use, your iPhone's screen will become filled with more greasy fingerprints and smudges than the front doors of your local McDonalds. How can you see through all that film? Wipe if off? No, be creative. Express your inner artist. Let your fingers inspire you. Rub your iPhone's slippery glass surface in delicate strokes, forming shapes and contours. Create images and silhouettes from the deposited facial oil. Where others see a smudgy screen, I see the face of a clown.

Now spray Windex onto a sheet of paper towel, lightly dampened. Then clean your filthy screen, and get back to work. Stop wasting time.

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A Fix for Flaky Touch Screen Behavior, Let My Fingers Guide You

So here I am fiddling with my iPhone, when a rare yet not entirely uncommon problem rears itself.

Every now and again my iPhone's touchscreen exhibits a rather strange behavior. When I tap to select a specific item in various applications, the touchscreen misidentifies my tap and executes it in a completely different area code. The device can remain in that state for five or more seconds. No matter how many times you tap on a specific item, something else is selected. Example...I tap on very first new email in my inbox to open it, and the very last email is selected instead. Sound familiar to you? Thought so.

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Smartphone Experts Offers Horizontal Cases for Vertical People

Finding just the right case for your iPhone can be a real challenge - with so many case options, it's easy to get lost in a sea of accessories. Smartphone Experts (they have a diploma proving they're experts) offers a colorful line of stylish leather cases of every form factor, even horizontally aligned pouches for those who prefer the "I'm packing heat" look.

The SPE SidePouch sports a magnet flap and belt-clip design, priced at just $29.95. It's availabe in five flavors - Black, Cocoa Brandy, Red Brandy, Saddle Brandy, Cream Brandy, and Brandy Brandy. Someone at Smartphone Experts must have a taste for Brandy.

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Burglars Heist iPhones and Laptops At Seattle Apple Store

Psst! Hey buddy, over here. Yeah, you - the one in front of the keyboard. You looking to buy a notebook or iPhone, real cheap? I know where you can get a "hot" bargain. These here just ahem fell off the truck, as they say.

My supplies are rather limited, at least until another "shipment" arrives. Heheh.


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Now Playing: iPhone Crushed by Reclining Theater Chair

Nothing could be more relaxing than a luxurious home theater environment, complete with movie theater seating. Just lean back in your comfy reclining chair, and immerse yourself in a great flick brought to life by a huge projection screen. Pure ecstasy.

That is until you are ripped back into reality by the unmistakable sound of your iPhone being crushed by the very chair you are sitting in, like the jaws of a giant can crusher. Unlike the movie you were watching, this story doesn't have a happy ending.

This is precisely what happened to one person, who posted his experience (complete with photos) on Flickr. Here's the story...

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Gelaskins Offers Cool and Colorful iPhone Skins, with Free Wallpaper

For those of you who just love to personalize your personal technology in all manner of creative expression, Gelaskins is sure to appeal to your inner Picaso. I can already sense your inquisitive collective consciousness filtering through my DSL line, pondering what all this is about. I'll explain.

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Your iPhone Will Be Unlocked in T-Minus 48 Hours, So They Claim

A website called iPhone-SIM-Free is claiming that it will release to the world a fully software based SIM unlocking solution for iPhone, within the next 48 hours. That's a pretty bold claim, so either its is legit or a shameless grab for traffic. We'll know in just 48...no...make that 47, no wait. I think 45 hours? Whatever, just bookmark this website and keep checking back.


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iYawn: Web Apps Just Aren't Cutting it, Apple

I came across this story this morning on PC World, and it stirred my own frustration with Apple. Web apps have their place and, truth be told, developers have found very clever ways to extend the genre, but I and every iPhone user on this hemisphere want the same thing - native application support!

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Fire Up iTunes, Kiddies...Update 1.0.2 is Here!

Holy bug fix, Batman! Apple has quietly rolled out another dot release - the second, if you’re keeping track. Per Apple this is a bug fix, not a major software release…sorry fanboys.

I’m downloading the update right now and haven’t yet installed it, so I’ll keep everyone posted should I discover hidden treasure. Frankly my hopes will be more than satiated if Apple resolved the numerous issues I’ve had with Mail.

Happy installing.

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iPhone To Storm Europe's Beaches This Fall, Blitzkrieg Ala Apple

Financial Times reports that Apple has managed to secure exclusive contracts with several major European mobile operators in efforts to bring iPhone to France, Germany, and the UK, later this fall.

An official announcement outlining the details of the partnership will be made public at the end of this month, during the IFA trade fair in Berlin. Speculation is running high that T-Mobile, O2, and Orange will be Apple's dance partners, though all three declined to comment (wink wink).

I'm just as happy to see iPhone move beyond US shores as much as any citizen of the world, but the part that drives a MacBook through my heart is the Euro model will include 3G support. *weeping*

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