Take better photos with your iPhone using the new Olloclip Pro and Intro lenses

Olloclip is a company that makes lenses for smartphone cameras like this one, and today the company has announced three new lenses in the Connect X lineup called the Pro series and Intro Lens. The two lenses in the Pro series at the moment consist of the Super-Wide Lens and the Telephoto Lens both starting at $99.99 through the Olloclip website. The Intro Lens combines a wide angle lens and macro lens into one for just $19.99.

The Super Wide Lens does what it says — it gives you a wide field of view. It also has the least amount of distortion of any lens olloclip has.

The Telephoto Lens has two time magnification and manages to gather more light for better image quality.

The Intro Lens is designed to work for selfies, group video chats, and capturing bigger images with your smartphone. You can unscrew the wide angle lens to use the macro lens underneath.

Each of these lenses are compatible with the $19.99 Multi-Device Clip. This clip, and the lenses you attach to it, will work with Samsung products like the Galaxy S9 without a phone case, all Google Pixel products, and all Apple products. You can also use the lenses on the $19.99 iPhone X clip specifically for that phone.

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John Levite

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