Take the Vision Mobile Developer Economics Survey and you could win an iPhone 6s!

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Developer Economics is the largest, most global developer research program in the world, tracking developer sentiment across platforms, revenues, apps, tools, APIs, segments, business models, and regions! Which IoT platforms are competing with Apple and Google? Which are the most popular cloud APIs? Does mobile, IoT or cloud development pay better? These are just some of the questions that our friends at VisionMobile are tackling right now. Take their 10-minute National Trends survey and help piece together 2015's hottest developer trend.

Participants will be able to see how they compare to other developers from their country/region and access graphs once the survey is closed. Access to graphs will be given upon survey completion and upon survey closing respectively. As always, the key findings will be released as a free report in February. As a special bonus, you'll be entered to win awesome prizes like an iPhone 6s, Blackberry Passport, Microsoft Surface 3, Lumia 635, Parrot AR Drone 2.0, or one of 200 Amazon vouchers!

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Michelle Haag