Apple's mysterious iPhone event house captured on Drone-cam!

Apple is holding an event next week, which will likely play host to the launch of the iPhone 6, but we're still not entirely sure as to what will be covered. There is one thing for certain, however, and that is Apple plans to host quite the event. Sachin Patel decided to see exactly what the company has been up to at the Flint Center by flying a drone over the complex.

While Apple has done its best to conceal what the company and its workers are up to beneath the veil, we're beginning to get the idea that this event is going to be quite one we'll be sure not to miss, as many would expect by now looking back at previous device launches. It's actually quite exciting to speculate what Apple will house inside its custom building. Could it be the iWatch or even something to do with HomeKit? For now, no one outside Apple knows.

It's worth noting that this could be nothing. Until we find out for sure, what are your thoughts on the mysterious Apple construct? Sound off in the comments.

Source: Twitter, via: 9to5Mac

Rich Edmonds