That Leaked iPhone 2.0 Firmware Update? It's Buggy

Those of us who went ahead and downloaded the iPhone 2.0 Firmware Update direct from Apple may have jumped the gun a little too early. There have been some problems with it -- I myself have had a handful of crashes and, yes, a couple of full-on resets. A couple of times these crashes (and one of the reset) happened in the Phone App. The Phone app should be the most SOLID application on the device, so seeing it freeze up and make me drop a call (and wait for a reboot) was disheartening to say the least.

Looks like I'm not alone, though Engadget notes that they've been having some problems too and posits that maybe, just maybe, the firmware we downloaded was technically meant for the iPhone 3G and not the current-gen. If so, that would explain a lot, especially in the Phone app, which I imagine needs some pretty exact radio information in order to work properly.

Let's hope that when the official release comes via iTunes, these bugs will disappear, because otherwise it's going to be pretty tough to call people and brag about my iPhone 3G tomorrow when it's resetting on me.

How 'bout y'all? Did you download? Is it holding up?

Dieter Bohn