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That Leaked iPhone 2.0 Firmware Update? It's Buggy

Those of us who went ahead and downloaded the iPhone 2.0 Firmware Update direct from Apple may have jumped the gun a little too early. There have been some problems with it -- I myself have had a handful of crashes and, yes, a couple of full-on resets. A couple of times these crashes (and one of the reset) happened in the Phone App. The Phone app should be the most SOLID application on the device, so seeing it freeze up and make me drop a call (and wait for a reboot) was disheartening to say the least.

Looks like I'm not alone, though Engadget notes that they've been having some problems too and posits that maybe, just maybe, the firmware we downloaded was technically meant for the iPhone 3G and not the current-gen. If so, that would explain a lot, especially in the Phone app, which I imagine needs some pretty exact radio information in order to work properly.

Let's hope that when the official release comes via iTunes, these bugs will disappear, because otherwise it's going to be pretty tough to call people and brag about my iPhone 3G tomorrow when it's resetting on me.

How 'bout y'all? Did you download? Is it holding up?

  • mine is a little buggy too...sound problems, crash during super monkey ball etc....but getting ready to get in line for 3G so no worries!
  • My firmware upgrade crashed iTunes about half way through, and I had to recover my phone with 1.1.4. I didn't sync and ran the 2.0 upgrade again, and everything is working great. I got Band, Cro Mag Rally, MySpace, and a couple of other apps and I haven't had any problems.
  • I'm awaiting the official release. Hope the bugs are fixed by then.
  • mine is buggy too... badmofo... how do I reset my iPhone to 1.1.4? Thanks.
  • Yep its buggy for me too. I've had multiple crashes none with the phone app though. I thought Steve said that the 2.0 firmware was supposed to be in iTunes tonight?
  • I used the restore in iTunes to go back to 1.1.4 as it wouldn't let me retry 2.0 again. I installed it as a new phone and then ran the 2.0 restore (pressing the shift key when you click restore) and installed from my last backup once 2.0 loaded.
  • This installed on my iphone without a glitch... My phone has had no problems except the new contact button is rather slow but other then that nothing has crashed
  • At the beginning I had some problems syncing with iTunes and some problems adding a contact. But after i rebooted my phone for a couple of times all problems were gone.
    Now i run my iPhone without any problems any more.
  • Mine is a little buggy. I downloaded the Google App and it wouldn't work for me. I kept getting an error message and had to re-download it. Although that could have just been the original download. Then I tried to open up AIM last night and I ended up getting the Apple Logo instead of AIM. The one pain though is when I sync with iTunes. It seems to take several minutes to back up the phone before it does anything else. I wonder if anyone else is having that problem. I'm on my way to go stand in line for the iPhone 3G right now, hopefully that issue doesn't continue for me.
  • I downloaded it but have yet to install it. I'm glad I read this. The reviews of the "secret download' were mixed and I thought I should wait. I'm just going to delete the file and wait for the official release. I use my iPhone of business and I don't want to bring it down.
  • anybody know what time the update will be available to download officially?
  • I have a couple movies that played on 1.1.4 that refuse to play in 2.0 ("This movie format is not supported.") They were ripped via Nero Recode at 1.5Mbps H.264 using their iPhone profile. I have a bunch of home videos ripped using the same profile that play, but not these. Bummer.
  • I also downloaded it. A few crashes in Safari, but I had those in 1.1.4 as well. I am loving 2.0
  • Here's a question.. if we downloaded the 2.0 update early, do we get the real one automatically or do we have to restore back to the old OS somehow?
  • I cannot get the mail App up. It just crashes all the time. Does anyone have a solution?
  • I downloaded successful. After going through restore/reload and verify stages, it seemed to not complete. Now I have a phone with icons telling me to hook up to itunes and itunes now not being able to complete. I continue to get different error messages when connecting to itunes.
  • scott, I think that's a problem unrelated to the 2.0 firmware. The iTunes store/activation/etc stuff (you have to reactivate your phone when you update it) is pretty much hosed right now.
  • I also jumped the gun and installed the leaked firmware. I have 5A347 installed. For those of you that installed it with iTunes on the official release, what version do you have? It's under Settings -> General -> About
    I've had a few app crashing problems, but nothing major.
  • I just uploaded the official version and it crashed my iphone completely. Nothing can bring it back and it just shows a screen that says I need to reattach it to itunes. I tried to call Tech support and there "isn't a technical support person available, call back later." IRATE!
  • Same as Shannon above. I also used the official version. Phone only allows emergency calls and says to reconnect to iTunes. ITunes will not allow sync or resetting. What now?
  • I downloaded 2.0 late night on the 11th when itunes said it was available, my mail app doesnt work at all, it crashes back to springboard every time, i can not delete the gmail acct that was synced from my backup nor can i add new email accts.
  • Does anybody have a problem with their iPhone connecting to a bluetooth? My phone actually will not search for one, all it says is "bluetooth unavailable." My bluetooth is a Jawbone and yes I have set my Jawbone to send its signal so I don't think it's the bluetooth. Did anyone else have this problem after updating to 2.0?
  • After updating my iphone to 2.0, my email crashed. What should I do?
  • After updating my iPhone to 2.0 I realized that all my contacts have been erased. Does anyone know how to bring them back?
  • just look in your iphone-backup-folder
    /library/application support/mobilesync
    there may be a copy of your contacts
  • Downloaded the "offical" upgrade from iTunes and while my mail ap doesn't crash, it's having issues checking mail automatically, even tho the settings are correct. When I open the ap, sometimes it will get mail, but most of the time it just spins and spins saying it's "checking mail." Sigh.
  • My mail DOES NOT work!! Come on Apple, mail should be one app that doesn't screw up. Let Youtube or weather crash, but not MAIL!!!
  • What a shit, I updated my iPhone via iTunes official update and now all thw times mail App is crashing. Has anyone an advice what can be done to fix that problem?
  • my phone works fine the aim app keeps on crashing is it the app or is it my phone
  • I downloaded the 2.0 to my iPhone and now my email has an inbox and trash folder only. No Sent or Outbox. If I try to send to someone it says the SENDERS email is invalid and the Outbox appears with my attempted send. I'm going to try to delete and add my email account again to see if this fixes the problem.
  • i downloaded the 2.0 on fiday my phone has not been the same since.slow and the phone only works on speacker or the headset?
  • Has anyone found an answer to the problem of not being able to get messages. I am still having issues with the spinning wheel "checking for mail" or "connecting"
  • I had probs with the mail app to. Make sure the setting is for fetch, not push unless running mobileme. Since switching to fetch, have had no issues. Can't connect with my Uconnect in my car though.
  • My mail app does the same - won't pick up mails.
    However - if you turn off the phone and turn it back on - it pulls all the mails down.
    It's a start - but not ideal.
  • I'm having mail problems as well...when i press the mail logo it pops up with a blank mail screen and then goes away. Also I can not delete my gmail account (only email account on there) If anyone comes up with a fix for this please let the forums know right away. I'm also using the official firmware downloaded through itunes if it makes a difference.
  • I've had some similar problems.
    The FaceBook app keeps crashing, sometimes just the app, sometimes resets the phone.. probably the fault of the app itself bout I dont knw.. could be having trouble becuase it thinks its on a 3G iPhone?
    No idea.
    Also, has one problem when moving icons around on the screen. The bottom row (not the dock) stopped wiggling on one screen, i pressed home to freeze them and tryed again and still they didnt wiggle.
    Then i tryed switching screens and nothing.. the phone froze and i had to hard reset it.
  • Oh, one other thing.. Purchased apps.
    If i get the proper one meant for the 3G iPhone can i still transfer my apps to the new firmware?
    That's got me a bit worried i have to say.
  • I need help! i had an unlocked iphone and was happy with the 1.1.4 version and i upgraded it to 2.0 and lost EVERYTHING all my songs and everything i had, is there any possible way i can undo everything and get all my stuff back?
  • i've got 'checking mail' problem too. fetches all mail when i restart the iphone, but periodic checks fail to get past 'checking mail'. HELP?!!!
  • ohhh. just tried something that i think is going to make this bearable, and save my battery from running down. i turned 'fetch new data' to 'manually'. Now at least I am able to get new mail on demand.
  • i have an unlocked iPhone 1.1.3, what will happen if i update it to 2.0 through iTunes?
    reply quick!!
  • I upgraded and here's what I've experienced so far: Contacts load very slowly. Checking email is sporadic. I check a MobileMe account, a Gmail account, and a Yahoo account. Even if I try to check manually it often doesn't work. I get my mail MAYBE every 2 hours.
  • but, is it okay to install 2.0 version on iTunes to my unlocked iPhone 1.1.3?
  • or i mean is it okay if i will install the 2.0 version from itunes to my jailbreak or unlocked iPhone 1.1.3?
  • the crashing mail bug its a permission problem concerning the "mobile" user. access the terminal on your iphone or connect via ssh and do the following:
    su root (password alpine)
    chown -R mobile:mobile /var/mobile/Library/Mail
    thats it
  • When doing the terminal line... i get an error. Chown: option '--r' is ambiguous. try --help for mor information. but when i run help, it blows by on the screen and i cant scroll up with mobile terminal.
    Any suggestions?
  • Yeah, lost my contacts too.
  • Lost contacts after using Winpwn How can I restore Contacts that seemed to have disappeared after the jailbreak & unlock?
  • Mine's buggy too... what the hell is going on? the games i downloaded from the App don't work... I paid for them tho.. sounds problems... when is the update coming???
  • yeah, is it okay if i were to install iPhone 2.0 firmware to my jailbreak iPhone 1.1.3?
  • iPhone and email spinning issue.
    The iphone uses a great number of ports for syncing email. Check the wireless router on your home network and make sure the ports being used are not blocked.
    Otherwise mine still spins once in a while outside of correcting firewall issues at my home.
  • To Guy,
    the option must be -R in capital letter.
    It worked for me, syncing emails w/o problems now :-D
  • Hey! what will happen if i were to Install iPhone firmware 2.0(from itunes) to my jailbreak 1.1.3?
  • hi, upgraded to 2.0, everything seems to work fine except that when I try to send an email the app crashes to the desktop and the email seems to disapear. I don't see an outbox either, have tried the chown command above but that did not fix it. Have also tried to turn push on and off. Any ideas...????
  • hi, experiencing slow opening of SMS an Contact appliation. BUT!!! My battery life is twice as long! Has anybody having that treat as well?
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