Every week I will be bringing you what I think are the week’s biggest stories and articles. Let’s get started, after the break!

Who will buy a 2G iPhone?

Rumors are circulating that Apple will announce a $99 iPhone sans the 3G. I think this is good since most users don't know the difference between 2G and 3G. 

Where do you sync?

There are many ways to sync your devices these days; your desk, the cloud, Web, etc. What is the best way? Rene takes a look at this in his most recent article!

Streaming iTunes to your iPhone rumor

Well, this would be rather sweet should Apple decide to do something like this, but I think it would require a lot of hardware on Apple's end, and considering as how they can't do email effectively, I put this one to rest.

20,000 apps in 7 months. Wow. 

If you were the competition, your jaw should be hitting the floor right about now. At this rate, it will be impossible for anyone to catchup with Apple. But then again, I am not sure of the competition needs as many fart apps. I was amazed one of my friends downloaded one the other day. Armageddon is upon us.

Push notification service delayed?

Well, obviously it is, it was supposed to come out in September 2008 if memory serves. However it looks like Apple might be waiting for their new Snow Leopard OS to hit the server market before unleashing thousands of notifications to iPhone users...

iPhone Blog Live! Podcast!

We talk Google and do a live Jailbreak during the podcast. I was dropped due to a power outage, but Rene and Dieter trucked on without me...

How can you find your car with your iPhone?

Brian attempts to answer this age-old question in his recent how-to article. Purple pins to the rescue!

Leaked iPhone backing?

Could this be? I posted on the 3G rumor, and it wound up to be true... oh yeah, April 4th 2008, I called it.

Android gets Tel-Nav GPS, where is iPhone's?

Sure this can't be that hard to make. My bet is there is some heavy, heavy negotiations coming. I hope it's free, because if there is a fee involved, I am not signing up.

Google adds optimized spreadsheet functionality to Google Docs

This is a step in the right direction! You can now edit rows, sort and filter in Google Spreadsheets on the iPhone. Now, about that document part...

iPhone owns 51% of mobile market...

Oh yeah. Didn't we already know this? I am still amazed that there is essentially one phone on one carrier in the US... imagine if it was on all carriers... ah, to dream.