Phone Different Week in Review June 16, 2008

Every week I will be bringing you what I think are the week’s biggest stories and articles. Last week was, uh, more than a little crazy. Read on for the news you saw and more than a few pieces that may have blown by you in the flurry of WWDC coverage.

Here we go!

Just exactly how many iPhone clones are a' comin'?

Sprint, Verizon and Blackberry. Reminds me of Microsoft. Can't these guys innovate on their own?

Yeah, the iPhone 3G is coming

Man. Who isn't going to get this? Oh wait, we have a post on that too.

What are we getting with Apple's iPhone firmware 2.0?

Hmm, me thinks the enterprise will be happy. Me thinks consumers will be happy. Too bad we did not get on June 9th.

MobileMe, Exchange for the rest of us

I am cool with that. The tag line is cool. Name, not so much. But it is all about services, right? Much improved over .Mac. Now, let's see if it works as advertised...

So what country ISN'T getting an iPhone this year?

Wow. 70 countries. Whoa. Can we say world domination?

Is the iPhone 3G really cheaper?

Hmm. Doing the math, it is not looking like it. 

WWDC 2008: App round-up

There were some cool apps shown at WWDC this year. eBay and Monkey Ball were my favs. What were yours?

iPhone 3G, hands-on

So what does it feel like? Cheap plastic or indestructible titan?

Accessory Review: Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

Looking for a new headset for your iPhone? Look no further than the Jawbone. This is one awesome headset!

New iPhone SDK Beta 7!!!!

Man, they just keep comin'! Let's hope 2.0 arrives before July 11th. One can dream anyway.

So what didn't we get with firmware 2.0 and the iPhone 3G?

I have a list. Near the top is Spotlight. I want to search my email and calendars!!! Wait, we don't need that, Steve Jobs said so. 

Are you sticking with the iPhone 2G?

This is a tough call. I mean we are not getting THAT much more, are we?

Phone Different Podcast: WWDC 2008 Edition

Yeah, we talk about it. 

So are we getting turn-by-turn GPS directions or what?

It would seem like a horrible missed opportunity if this were not to materialize. I think Steve has a card up his sleeve.

WWDC 2008 Apple Design Award Winners

What apps won this year? Read on to find out!

What if firmware 2.0 was exclusive to the iPhone 3G?

What would that mean? Would Apple sell more phones?

Should Apple have stuck with Web Apps?

Whoa! What did I say? Read on to find out more? Blasphemy!

Weekly Web App Review: PocketVidz

Looking for a YouTube alternative? PocketVidz might be for you!

Tip o' the Week: It's about time

Use the "Clock" functionality of the iPhone much? Read on to unleash its potential!

Review: WebSearch, Native App-a-Week

Got a Jail broken iPhone? Then read on to discover some cool options for search!