In-between analyzing the Palm Pre to a near-quantum level, Dieter managed to squeeze in a little feature bump for TiPb as well. If you look down and to the right, you'll see a brand-spanking new "tweet" button and handy-dandy counter.

Let's face it, the iPhone and Twitter are the peanut butter and chocolate of the mobile age. They "just work" together. So, if you love the iPhone, and you're hooked on Twitter, just hit that little button and help TiPb spread all the latest news, opinions, and reviews. Your tweeps will thank you. (And if you have no patience for buttons, no worries -- the counter will register any bit.ly URL that leads back to TiPb, so RT and Via work great as well!)

Of course, you can also just follow us @theiphoneblog

Or our writers, who can't help but to sometimes break stories first on Twitter (tsk!):

The best dang forum staff in the 'verse:

And our aforementioned editor-in-chief:

Don't hesitate to drop us tips, suggest help topics, or just engage in some conversation -- that's the point!