If you've been wishing your iPhone XR's battery could last even longer, you could probably benefit from picking up Apple's official Smart Battery Case. Today it's discounted down to $102 at Amazon for the first time ever, saving you $27 off its regular price. Only the black version is on sale today, though there is a white version you could pick up at regular price.

Just In Case

Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone XR

This official Apple Smart Battery Case just fell to a new low price at Amazon, but it's a deal that probably won't last very long. Using this case can eke out up to 39 hours of talk time.

$102 $129 $27 Off

Using this case boosts your talk time on the iPhone XR up to 39 hours, while internet usage rises up to 22 hours and video playback up to 27 hours. It was designed specifically for use with the iPhone XR too, meaning it supports Lightning accessories like the EarPods with Lightning Connector and the Lightning Digitial AV Adapter.

A USB charger featuring Power Delivery can charge this case even faster, and it's compatible with wireless chargers too!

We recently shared a review of Apple's Smart Battery Case for iPhone XS which can help illuminate this model's features and downsides as well.

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