Apple's iPhone 7 Battery Case is down to $49 on B&H. We shared a deal on this iPhone 7 battery case when it dropped to $78 in early January on Amazon. Since then it has settled around a more reasonable street price of $85. This deal at B&H is unprecedented. It's the lowest we've seen. This is part of B&H's DealZone, a collection of one-day only deals, so get it while you can. The deal price is only available in White.

This battery case increases the life of the iPhone 7 by at least 22 hours if using LTE, 24 hours of video playback, and 26 hours of talk time. The Lightning connector has pass through so you can use just one Lightning cable, like this $8 AmazonBasics 6-foot cable, to charge both the case and your phone. The case also integrates with your phone with a battery status indicator on the lock screen that tells you exactly how much charge is left. You can also see it in the Notification Center.

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