Our iPhones have become super powerful with processing and graphics capabilities we could have only dreamed of just a decade ago. Mobile games have really benefitted from this added power, but touchscreen controls still don't compare to a dedicated controller. The Gamevice Controller for iPhone aims to tackle this by adding physical controls to your iPhone so you can get that tactile feel while playing your favourite mobile titles. It usually sells for $80, but is discounted to just $59.95 right now in a limited-time sale.

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Gamevice Controller for iPhone

The MFi-certified controller works great with so many iPhone models and there are 1,000+ games that take advantage of its accurate controls.

$59.95 $79.95 $20 off

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

Gamevice for iPhone works with almost every iPhone since the iPhone 6. That includes plus-size phones like the iPhone 8 Plus, as well as the newest iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max models. It connects to your phone with its built-in Lightning port and its MFi-certifed so it will work perfectly with no latency like Bluetooth controllers sometimes suffer from. It has classic console-style controls including dual analog joysticks, A, B, X, Y buttons, a D-pad, L1/R1 bumpers and L2/R2 triggers, so you'll feel right at home if you're used to using standard Xbox or PlayStation controllers. It also has a built in Lightning port and headphone jack, and the whole thing folds up nice and compactly when not in use.

Over 1,000 games support the controller including Fortnite, Minecraft, Street Fighter, Grand Theft Auto, NBA 2K19, among others, and the free Gamevice Live app can recommend you new titles to play.

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