Unlock fast charging on your iPhone this Prime Day with RAVPower's USB-C to Lightning cable for under $10

While fast charging has been possible on iOS since the iPhone 8 came out, it previously required one of Apple's proprietary USB-C to Lightning cables that are prohibitively expensive for most people. However, Apple recently opened up the MFi certification process for these cables and we've seen a bunch go third-party options hit the market and they are super affordable. That's especially true for the 3-foot RAVPower USB-C to Lightning cable which is available for just $9.97 this Prime Day. You can also get the 6-foot version for just $11.74.

Available in black or white, the cable works with a compatible USB-C Power Delivery wall charger to fast charge your iPhone. Using RAVPower's cable with a USB-C adapter will allow you to charge your iPhone from 0% to 50% in 30 mins. Fast charging also works on Apple's newest iPad models. As well as supporting fast charging, it also works for high-speed data transfers up to 480Mbps. If you've upgraded to a newer MacBook and don't have a full-size USB-A port anymore, these cables are an absolute necessity. At this price, it's worth grabbing a few just to keep around the house, at the office, and in your various travel bags. The RAVPower cable should last longer than Apple's version too with a 30,000 bend lifespan and reinforced connectors.

Adam Oram

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