The Twelve South PlugBug travel power adapter is down to $30.59 on Amazon. This adapter dropped to $36 for Black Friday and has stuck around that price since, but it usually sells for around $45 and has never gone as low as the current deal.

Planning a trip to another country? The PlugBug is a handy little accessory that will let you charge your American-made devices in countries with different outlets. It has five international plugs for use in the U.K, continental Europe, Australia, New Zealand, North America, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, and Japan.

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The PlugBug is designed with multiple adapters to work with different outlet shapes and voltages around the world. It's designed specifically for Apple devices like the MacBook and iPhone, but it can charge anything that charges via USB (just maybe not as fast).

Features include:

  • Creates all-in-one, dual charger for MacBook + iPad or iPhone
  • 2.1 Amp USB charger provides fast charge to iPad or iPhone
  • Includes 5 AC plugs to convert a MacBook charger to fit most global electric outlets
  • Compatible with Apple MagSafe Power Adapters and any USB charging cable

Users give it 3.7 stars based on 295 reviews.

There are a whole bunch of Twelve South accessories on sale today, so check out the full sale.

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