Thursday Fun: Gizmodo Wishes Darwin a Happy Birthday Via iPhone Natural Selection

Gizmodo is running a series of posts highlighting the evolution of various technologies in honor of the birthday of Charles Darwin, who many years ago realized one thing killing another thing wasn't mean, but was the reason we all now have fast cars and hot tubs (or something like that, I texted my way through bio).

Coming as no surprise to any regular reader of this book, the chart Gizmodo chose clearly shows the original mega-cell phones giving way to Moto's StarTac, the PalmOS Treo, the blue BlackBerry, and finally the new king of jungle, the iPhone 3G.

How utterly appropriate.

Happy birthday Darwin, and sorry frenemies, but like dinosaurs and Jurassic Park movies, and mullets, nature gave you your shot, and is now selecting you for extinction.

Rene Ritchie

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