Is there an iPhone on Mars?  No, not exactly.  Nor have we found little green men on Mars, either.  Although if we did, would they be toting iPhone 3Gs?  If it were up to Jobs they would (how 'bout a game of Interstellar Risk, Rene?).  Unless you've been living in a cave (a la Bin Laden), you've likely heard of NASA's recent success landing the Phoenix Mars lander.  The lander is equipped with shovel and soil analysis equipment to seek out ice, water, life, etc.

Even though iPhones aren't on Mars (yet!), you can use your iPhone to get the latest news and mission status of the Phoenix Mars lander.,  a developer of several other iPhone web apps, has given to us the Phoenix Mars Mission web app for the iPhone.  Keep reading to learn more about this week's Tip! The Phoenix Mars Mission web app first provides an overview of the what is the first mission in NASA's Scout Program.  Launched in August 2007, the Phoenix Mars lander is on a mission to collect data regarding the history of ice and water on Mars and the potential for sustaining life.

The interface of this app provides access to the Mission News RSS Feed, elapsed mission time on Mars, and the opportunity to donate/support for their efforts in bringing new web apps to the iPhone.








Tapping on the Mission News RSS Feed takes you to the Mission News page.  The Mission News page contains a list of news items beginning with the most recent.

Whether it's "NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander Inspects Delivered Soil Samples" or "NASA Phoenix Lander Bakes Sample, Arm Digs Deeper", you can run through the list on the Mission News page and find the news items that interest you.








Once you've decided on a headline that interests you, just tap on it and you will proceed to the News Detail page.  Here, you can read in-depth on your chosen news item.

If you want news on-the-go about the Phoenix Mars Mission, just open Safari on your iPhone and head over to the Phoenix Mars Mission web app.  If you like it, go ahead and bookmark it on your iPhone so you can visit regularly.

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