TiPb is giving away a 4th generation iPhone!

TiPb 4th gen iPhone (iPhone HD/iPhone 4G) give-away!

That's right -- iPhone HD, iPhone 4G -- whatever Apple decides to call it, we're giving it away.

Here's the bottom line: you gotta make us a video telling us -- no, showing us -- why you should be the one who gets the 4th gen iPhone.

Make it funny. Make it scary. Make it silly. Make it out of this world, above and beyond awesome.

We want music, we want songs, we want skits, we want spoofs, we want action and adventure, we want drama and suspense, we want stop-motion animation and Blair Witch close-ups, we want tattoos and jello wrestling -- wait a minute, these are Kevin's notes! Bah! Never mind! -- we want the absolute best, most creative, most dazzling video you can make.

We want you to prove you're the one who deserves a 4th gen iPhone.

Watch the video below, then got to http://www.imore.com/contest to find out how to enter!

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