TiPb Asks: How many photos do you have in your iPhone Camera Roll?

Last night on iPhone Live we were talking about how many photos we had in our iPhone Camera Roll and I admitted to being a bit of snapshot addict. I have over 1800 pics in my Camera Roll, everything from friends and family to clouds and sunsets to clothes and fashions to nails and hair I like and want to remember.

I know some people prefer Instagram or Camera+ or another App Store app, and while the filters are really cool and interesting, and I think I'm going to give them a try soon, right now I just like the simplicity of capturing a quick pic into my Camera Roll. I take pictures anywhere and everywhere with my iPhone... and I sometimes remember to sync them over to my Mac. I've actually run out of space on my 16GB iPhone 4 several times!

I hope iCloud and Photo Stream will help with that, but I'm not sure 5GB will be enough!

How many photos do you have in your iPhone Camera Roll? Do you use the built-in Camera app or something else? Do you sync them? Help me figure out a better way to do photos on the iPhone TiPb Nation, you're my only hope!