TiPb Give Away: Ice Road Truckers for iPhone, DVDs for You!

Ice Road Truckers (free - iTunes link) is the iPhone app counterpart to the harrowing HISTORY Channel show of the same name.

Take command of these huge 18-wheelers and drive your way across ice roads. In this official game from the award-winning TV series from HISTORY™ you will haul your load to its destination, drive some of the most powerful trucks on earth and become the number one Ice Trucker !

Now since the iPhone app already free, they can't exactly give that away, can they? But what they can do is offer one lucky reader the chance to get some of that hardcore extreme trucking action on DVD with the Ice Road Truckers Season Two box set, On and Off the Ice, and Most Dangerous Episodes!

Want 'em? Have a US mailing address? Then head on over to the TiPb iPhone Forums and give us your best ice, road, or truck story!

Get to it!

Rene Ritchie

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