TiPb Presents: iPhone Live! #17 -- 3.1 Beta!

Dieter and Rene discuss the iPhone 3.1 Beta, the return of Steve Jobs (and Fake Steve), iPhone 3GS news, and questions from the live chat. Listen in!

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iPhone 3.1 and OS News

  • Speaking of charge cases, TiPb got the tip that some chargers were having trouble under 3.0, but that Apple knows about it and will be fixing it soon in 3.1...
  • And lo and behold, they've already gone and released the iPhone 3.1 beta just in time for iPhone Live!
  • New features include BT support for Voice Control, Save As for video editing, and more!
  • As always, Jailbreakers are warned to avoid 3.1 until the Dev-Team gives the all-clear
  • Don't expect an iPhone 3GS jailbreak/unlock any time soon though...
  • 3.1 is also good news to users experiencing MobileMe account and random icon bugs

General News

  • Heeeeeee's Baaaaaack: Steve Jobs returns to Apple
  • Heeeeeee's ALSO Baaaaaack: Fake Steve returns as well
  • We get it, the iPhone 3GS is faster than fast fast
  • Mobile YouTube Uploads Increasing 400% PER DAY Since iPhone 3GS Launch
  • European Union: One Phone Charger Shall Rule them All -- And Apple's agreed?!
  • iPhone 2G Turns Two Years Old!

How To

  • TiPb Has iPhone 3G 3.0 Jailbreak Guides for Mac OS X and Windows PC

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