TiPb Presents iPhone Live! #19 -- Pre-Sync Down!

Join Dieter and Rene for iPhone 3.1 Beta 2, iTunes 8.2.1, Palm Pre Sync no more, and all the latest news, views, and how-tos. Listen in!

Rene showed off the Plantronics Voyager PRO Bluetooth Headset and Dieter rocked the Griffin PowerJolt Reserve Backup Battery


  • Apple releases iPhone 3.1 Beta 2
  • iPhone 3.1 Beta 2 Breaks AT&T Tethering Hack, Allows Wi-Fi Testing, Intros Augmented Reality APIs?
  • Apple also releases iTunes 8.2.1 and...
  • iTunes 8.2.1 kills Palm Pre sync dead!
  • iTunes Goes Back to the Future with D45s - 2 Songs, 1 Lower Price
  • App Store One Year Later: 65,000 Apps, 100,000 Developers, 1.5 Billion Downloads
  • Apple Trumpeting iPhone App Store a Gut Punch to Microsoft and Verizon?
  • Rumor: $800 iTablet to Use Custom Apple Chipset?
  • TiPb iPhone App Picks of the Year!
  • Hockenberry on How the App Store has Changed, and What Still Needs to be Changed
  • iPhone 3GS Doesn’t Support HSUPA for High Speed 3G Upload
  • iPhone 3.0: HTTP Streaming Media
  • Will Apple’s iPhone Surpass Nokia by 2012?
  • Google Announces Chrome OS, Should Schmidt Leave Apple Board?

Help and How-to


  • iTunes 8.2.1 Update Breaks Palm Sync, AT&T & MMS, Palm Users, New Applications


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Rene Ritchie

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