TiPb Presents iPhone Live! #20 -- 5.2 Million Sold!

Join Dieter and Rene for Apple's Q3 iPhone results, and Chris, James, and Rene for App Store redux, more third gen iPod touch, and iTablet rumors. Listen in!

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  • Apple Q3 2009 Conference Call - 5.2 Million iPhones Sold
  • iPhone and iPod touch: Now with 45 Million Unit Install Base
  • Apple: We Knew Traditional iPod Sales Would Decline, That’s Why We Developed iPhone
  • Dear Apple: How About that Premium App Store?
  • iPhone — 20% Profit Share of Mobile Industry?
  • AIM Push Problems - Hacktivated iPhones to Blame?
  • Third Generation iPod touch to get Camera… and Microphone?
  • No Promo Codes for Apps Rated 17+ — Including Browsers?!
  • Developer: Serious Doubts About App Store, Does Apple Care?
  • Rumor: Subsidized Apple iTablet Coming to Verizon this Year?
  • UPDATED: Amazon Remote Wipes Kindle Copies of 1984, Animal Farm — Redefines Irony
  • Microsoft Store to Compete With Apple Store — By Not Selling Anything


  • From the Forums: Wallpapers & Ringtones, iPhone Switch, Cross Platform Chat
  • Help and How-To

  • iPhone Pro Tips: Find Text in Safari with Javascript Bookmarklet
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